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Minority Series on Substance Abuse

  • Substance Use Resources for Students from Historically Marginalized Groups

     December 8, 2022     27 min Read

    DRS understands that students from historically marginalized groups face unique challenges when seeking help for mental health and addiction. We have created resource guides to help individuals better understand what…
  • Asian American Discrimination and Substance Use

     March 24, 2021     13 min Read

    Hard Facts about AAPI Discrimination Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw a disturbing rise in anti-Asian racism. Starting with the virus's appearance in Wuhan, China, the President and many…
  • Marginalized Groups & Defunding the Police

     March 4, 2021     4 min Read

    While recent protests aimed at systemic racism and defunding the police become more popular, there is something interesting that goes mostly unnoticed. The goals of this movement, though intended to…
  • Systemic Racism, Substance Use and Latino Americans

     March 1, 2021     18 min Read

    Here at Drug Rehab Services, we acknowledge that systemic racism is an issue that has prevented minority groups like Latinos from receiving adequate care and equal access to substance abuse…
  • How Addiction Is Perpetuated by Racism

     December 21, 2020     8 min Read

    The Reality of the Problem Systemic racism is finally getting the attention needed to create change. Still, it is crucial that our nation fully understands the depths of this problem.…
  • Black Lives Matter, Substance Use, and Addiction Recovery in the United States

     October 8, 2020     16 min Read

    What is Black Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter, or BLM, is a social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against all racially motivated acts of violence against black…