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Created On Friday, 05, August 2016
Modified On Friday, 06, November 2020

Information on Non-Twelve-Step Substance Abuse Treatment

Twelve-step treatment is one of the most common approaches used for treating substance abuse and addiction. The principles of the 12-step process are based on Alcoholics Anonymous, which was developed in the 1930s. Twelve-step treatment has been integrated into many addiction treatment programs across the nation. Alcoholics Anonymous has upheld its mission of providing free, confidential help to people struggling with addiction. However, the 12-step program and process is not the only option for people struggling with addiction.

Non-twelve-step rehabilitation is generally classified as any rehabilitation form that does not incorporate 12-step methodologies or anything from the original Alcoholics Anonymous teaching. However, some programs may also be faith-based treatment centers but do not utilize the 12-step method. Non-12-step programs still incorporate medical detox or conventional detox, individual counseling, family counseling, group therapy, and other treatment forms. Some of these programs are also considered non-traditional approaches to rehabilitation, such as wilderness and adventure programs, holistic treatment, or other experiential treatment forms.

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For many people struggling with addiction, 12-step programs are not the best option, or they have been through multiple 12-step programs before. Many people enter addiction treatment specifically for a non-12-step approach. However, 12-step programs are common because they represent read