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Non 12-Step Recovery, Alternative to twelve Step Programs in Arkansas

Non Twelve-Step Detox and Treatment Centers within Arkansas

Unfortunately within the state of Arkansas, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration directory only provide a listing of 15 non twelve-step programs. Treatment resources offered within the site, may not provide all the necessary services available for all types of addiction. Families and their loved ones who are struggling with addiction may have to look out of state for other substance abuse treatment centers, which can help their situation.

Did you know this about non 12-step programs?

The non twelve step programs have a different outlook on substance abuse. They believe that although it is a serious problem, it can be resolved if addressed correctly.

Are non twelve-step programs extensively used throughout the United States?

Non twelve-step facilities are very widely used throughout the United States, and in fact; the vast majority of all of these programs are offering very specialized forms of treatment for addicts. Drug addiction is treated to help identify the patient’s individual needs, and ensure clients can receive well rounded help. Non twelve-step centers can offer this service, and addicts and their families can locate the proper resources.