Non-12-Step Rehab in D.C.

The twelve-step method is not for everyone, and Drug Rehab Services understands this. Most individuals who choose non-12-step drug rehab in District of Columbia have been through a twelve-step program. It is ok not to want to utilize a 12-step methodology. We provide a comprehensive directory of non-12-step drug rehab in District of Columbia and other valuable resources to help you or your loved one access a program that meets individual needs.



What's Next?

After attending a non-12-step drug rehab in the District of Columbia, the next step involves aftercare support. Recovery support does not have to include 12-step meetings. Most individuals who have completed a non-12 step drug rehab program would benefit from sober coaching or outpatient support. Many of these addiction recovery options are in DC. Achieving lifelong sobriety is possible without 12-step approaches if that is what you or your loved one are searching for.


Non-twelve-step programs consist of any form of substance abuse treatment that isn’t the traditional twelve-step model developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. These include options like holistic programs, some faith-based programs, and many newer recovery models. Twelve-step programs became so popular that, until recently, finding a program that offered anything different was sometimes challenging. But the demand for non-twelve-step programs has grown, and now many options are considered non-twelve-step programs.

Non-twelve-step programs are appropriate for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional twelve-step model. They might be looking for a completely different approach because they’ve tried twelve-step programs before and not found success. Or perhaps they are simply looking for a specific methodology for their first and hopefully last treatment attempt. There are various reasons why someone might be searching for non-twelve-step treatment. Thankfully, those needs are being met more and more so that people aren’t forced into recovery models they may disagree with.

After non-twelve-step treatment is complete, the next step is to follow the discharge and aftercare plans developed while in treatment. If the person is discharged from inpatient treatment, the next step is usually outpatient treatment or a sober living environment such as a halfway house. For others, they may rely on a support group such as AA or NA even though they didn’t attend a twelve-step program. Most importantly, they are getting adequate support transitioning back to independent living after treatment.

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