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Non 12-Step Recovery, Alternative to twelve Step Programs in Tennessee

Non Twelve-Step Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers within Tennessee

It can be very hard to say how a drug and alcohol addiction will drastically change a person’s life, but an individual can be certain that negative changes will occur. When families and addicts are looking for help within the state of Tennessee, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration directory provide a list of 42 different non twelve-step drug treatment facilities within the state.

Did you know this about non 12-step programs?

The non twelve step programs have a different outlook on substance abuse. They believe that although it is a serious problem, it can be resolved if addressed correctly.

Can a person still have cravings after drug treatment?

Depending upon the type of treatment a patient will go through; as some natural detoxification programs will clean the body, but it can primarily be mental cravings that will take place. Physical and mental cravings are not always severe after treatment, but in some situations, a recovering addict can sometimes experience intense cravings after treatment.