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Non 12-Step Recovery, Alternative to twelve Step Programs in West Virginia

Drug Rehab Centers with Non Twelve-Step Treatment methods throughout West Virginia

When an addict has been abusing drugs for many years, and is in their forties or fifties it can be difficult to get them to commit to a drug rehab program, and the family may have to perform an intervention. Non twelve-step centers available on the SAMHSA website offer a list of 34 different centers for adults and adolescents, and can help treat severe long-term addictions.

Did you know this about non 12-step programs?

The non twelve step programs have a different outlook on substance abuse. They believe that although it is a serious problem, it can be resolved if addressed correctly.

What is a non twelve-step program?

A non twelve-step  drug rehab center offers non-traditional approaches for their clients, and this does include holistic treatment, cognitive therapy, and behavioral programs for all types of addiction. This method of treatment is offered within a residential and/or outpatient center, which provides both long-term and short-term programs.