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Olivia Bennett, LPN, LMT

Her name is Olivia Bennett LPN, LMT. She has been a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) for 24 years. Six years ago she went back to school and became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). She has been working at a holistic rehabilitation center for 4 years. "You see, I was tired of shoving pills down people's throat. Our healthcare system has it all wrong. They want to cover up the symptom instead of finding the root cause. I felt by becoming a LMT I could help those in pain. Being a massage therapist for me is more than just muscle therapy. People usually end up talking through their problems. Our emotions play a huge role in our bodies. It was through massage that I met a lady that needed a nurse at a drug rehabilitation center. At first, I was not interested at all. I was not going to be part of getting people hooked on another drug to get them off of another. That is when she told me they were holistic. I was so excited, I jumped right in. Over the years I have heard so many stories of how people got addicted to drugs and alcohol. You would be surprised how many got addicted to something prescribed by their physician. Did you know that a sign of withdrawal is pain? So guess what? When that pain pill is wearing off, that pain you feel could be because of a withdrawal symptom and not because your pain is back. Good news is you can get off drugs and alcohol safely without getting addicted to something else. There are holistic programs out there that will help you heal the physical and emotional side of you. You are worth the effort to be clean."