Substance Abuse Treatment & Long-Term Drug Rehab in Oregon

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Long-term drug rehabilitation is one of many different substance use treatment options in Oregon. Drug rehabilitation treats all types of drug abuse. Qualified professionals with will help you find a drug rehabilitation program in Oregon that meets your treatment needs. Pain medication, heroin, and methamphetamine continue to plague much of the state. However, long-term drug rehab, short-term drug rehab, and many other forms of substance use treatment provide everything a person needs to overcome addiction.

Where are the different alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinics available in Oregon? Is it best to attend an addiction treatment center in another state, or find a rehab within the state of Oregon? Would it better to do a drug and alcohol rehab treatment program now to help with my legal situation, or should I wait until going to court? We can help with these questions. has a database of more than 4,000 various rehabilitation clinics for alcohol and drug dependency. It can be outpatient treatment centers, withdrawal management facilities, residential programs, and no-cost treatments in the U.S. We can suggest addiction treatment centers that fit your needs and budget. A confidential assessment will be conducted by a trained counselor to suggest the best drug addiction treatment options. We have helped thousands of individuals across the United States addicted to drugs. has a unique and personal approach. The first counselors you talk to are assigned to you until you or your loved one are actually attending a program. You will be able to reach this counselor at any time. When you contact, you become the most important person for us.

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Long-Term Drug Treatment Programs in Oregon

Long-term drug rehab programs in Oregon can help treat any type of drug or alcohol addiction. Adults who have been casual drug users for much of their adult life can benefit from a long-term drug rehab center in Oregon. Long-term programs offer structure and routine, and this can be important for any addict. When you are abusing drugs or alcohol, you will lack these things, which does enable you to abuse more drugs. The length of time you spend at a long-term drug rehab program can help teach you how to incorporate structure and routine back into your life again. What does happen with most addicts is they become completely consumed by the drugs they are abusing. There will come a point during their addiction, where all aspects of their lives will revolve around the drugs, they are using. Nothing else will matter for them, and an addict will avoid all other responsibilities within his or her life. Long-term drug treatment is beneficial because of how it can change the perspective you have for life. It will place a focus on your psychological and physical health, which will allow you to have the capability to make the positive changes you need.

The long-term drug rehab programs in Oregon can treat any type of drug addiction, and many different substance abuse problems are seen within these facilities. Some of the commonly abused drugs within the state of Oregon do include heroin, marijuana, amphetamine, and prescription drugs. Addictions such as heroin do affect a certain age group within the state, and those are those adults between the ages of 21 and 25. Heroin is a difficult drug to stop using, because of the physical withdrawal pains. This is, in fact, one of the many reasons why heroin addicts will not commit to long-term drug rehab. The euphoric effects from heroin are highly addictive, and difficult to walk away from. However, long-term drug treatment is the best way for any heroin addict to overcome his or her addiction. Per a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) report in 2018, the opioid-related overdose deaths within the state of Oregon remained consistant totaling 339 in 2018. This is a rate of 8.0 deaths per 100,000 persons which is signficiantly lower than the national average which is 14.6 deaths. Long-term drug rehab may seem intimidating at first, but the lengthier treatment is what any opioid addict will need to beat their addiction. Opioid addiction can be one of the toughest substance abuse problems to overcome unless you have the right help and drug treatment.

Alcohol Long-Term Treatment in Oregon

Since 2001, the state of Oregon’s overall rate of alcohol-related deaths has been increasing to a total of 34 percent according to the Oregon Health Authority. They state that in 2017 alone, Oregon has had 1,923 people die from alcohol-related deaths. This includes death by chronic diseases, poisoning, perinatal causes, and injury. As this number continues to rise, it leaves many questioning what the right action is to help end this epidemic. Long-term drug and alcohol treatment is a good solution to help assist anyone struggling with dependency. Drugs and alcohol can remain in the body for longer than the effects of the substance. Oftentimes, when an individual is in a short-term or outpatient drug program, they do not have the time or guidance to truly handle their addiction. With long-term treatment programs ranging anywhere from 3 months to one year in length, this option gives addicts the appropriate amount of time for them to recover. While long-term treatment might seem inconvenient due to the duration of the program, it is nothing compared to the amount of time an addict wastes while using drugs or alcohol. Do not hesitate to help a loved one get into a long-term treatment program if you fear they are struggling with drug or alcohol dependency.

What Does Inpatient Drug Rehab Cost in Oregon?

The cost of inpatient drug rehab can be mid-range to high for private facilities because these services are self-payment. Other programs will be low-cost and or free or are financed by the state of Oregon. Individuals who have health insurance can use this coverage to help offset some of the costs as many drug rehabilitation programs will accept state-operated health insurance.

Drug Detox Centers in Oregon

Detoxification centers are located all throughout the state and are capable of treating most addicts while helping them safely with the withdrawal. These detox facilities include centers that will provide Buprenorphine and Suboxone in the treatment process. This type of service is capable of helping opiate addicts who are looking to carefully withdraw from opiates and start with a maintenance program. Medical detox programs are provided throughout the state to help addicts safely withdrawal from more dangerous drugs utilizing other medications to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Home detox kits are offered through different rehabilitation centers to help patients safely detox at home, but this is not always a viable solution.

Specialized Drug Rehabilitation in Oregon

Particular types of drug treatment are available in Oregon counties and cities, and this does include wilderness and adventure programs, faith-based drug treatment, and services by language along with treatment for specific ages and genders. Drug education and prevention services in the state of Oregon help and support the local communities. Drug prevention programs are very important in helping people remain off drugs and avoid experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an early age. Some of the drug treatment centers in the state are set up to help treat persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, while others will be able to provide partial hospitalization and hospital inpatient services.

Drug Rehabilitation Services for Adults in Oregon

The drug and alcohol rehab programs for adults in the state of Oregon include the state-operated services that provide mental health programs and addiction treatment. Other drug rehabilitation programs for adults will be private centers, such as inpatient and outpatient facilities. When searching for a drug rehab program, it will be important to contact more than one type of facility in the state. Substance abuse disorders can often involve more than one type of drugs, such as a combination of alcohol and opioids. Young adults struggling with drug abuse in the state should reach out to local treatment services for help. Some of the drug rehab programs in the state will be gender-specific programs, such as a facility that will only treat women. It will be important to locate the best possible treatment options because every addiction is essentially different. An addict should find a program that will meet all the needs, they have surrounding their addiction.

Gender-Specific Drug Rehabilitation Services in Oregon

Drug and alcohol treatment resources in the state of Oregon include gender-specific treatment services for men and women. These types of facilities that will only treat men or just women and will offer inpatient or outpatient resources. There are many programs such as shelters, halfway homes, and support groups that provide specific treatment options for men and women. Substance abuse impacts men and women differently, and therefore, gender-specific programs are available. Female-only drug rehab centers will often be equipped to help pregnant women and women who have come from abusive relationships while battling addiction. When searching for a gender-specific treatment center, it will be important to contact more than one program in the state. Addiction referral agencies can help addicts, and their families locate suitable female or male-only drug and alcohol treatment resources. Substance abuse does not have to be a lifelong problem for an addict, and with the right help, they can successfully overcome his or her addiction.

Oregon Drug Facts and Statistics

Oregon is a relay point for drugs shipped from Mexico to the state of Washington and Canada and like many states, the drug crisis has had a negative impact on the entirety of the state. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, the youth in Oregon between the ages of 12 and 17 are 37.62% more likely to abuse drugs in the last month compared to teens in other states. 

Most of the club drugs are abused on the different colleges campuses and raves. MDMA, GHB, LSD, and ketamine are the most popular. Cocaine is found across the entire state of Oregon. Crack is available, but often only in urban areas. Most of the cocaine in powder form found in Oregon has been transported from the country of Mexico, or from other states within the US. 

When one is dependent on cocaine and decides to either stop or cut down on the amount of the drug used, they will get unpleasant symptoms. The withdrawal they go through is sometimes so difficult on the body and the mind that it becomes one of the factors that make it hard for people to quit cocaine on their own.

Here is a list of the different drug treatment programs in Oregon. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Different Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Oregon


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