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Over The counter Medicine Rehabs & Detox in Washington

Over the counter drug addiction or abuse is as much of a problem throughout the United States as it is with prescription drugs. Over the counter drug abuse affects teens the most as there are hundreds of different drugs such as cough and cold medicines that contain DXM, which can be bought at drug stores or supermarkets. Most of these drugs will deliver an easy high and will produce hallucinogenic effects for the user. Within the state of Washington over the counter drug abuse affects many, and the various drug treatment programs and centers provide the necessary treatment for anyone struggling with these problems. Many young people abuse these drugs because they are easy to get, and can provide the self-medication a person may be looking for during a difficult time. Information is important, and parents should speak to their children about the dangers of over the counter drugs. Most over the counter drugs can be found in home medicine cabinets, and this can make it easy for children to get a hold of it.

Meet a Detox Expert


Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years. He also has helped hundreds of people getting off drugs and alcohol addiction.

Washington Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Washington Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Here is a list of treatment centers for OTC drug abuse in Washington. The list can be incomplete, so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Detox Centers & Rehabs for Over The Counter Drug Addiction in Washington