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Oxycontin Detox & Treatment in Florida

If you are here, then you probably are aware that Florida has a major issue with Oxycontin. Over the decades, Purdue Pharma's Oxycontin has grown into one of the best selling drugs in history. Their profit has skyrocketed, but the quantity of lawsuits have increased as well. The lawsuits have been about how dangerous and addictive Oxycontin and other well known painkiller are. If yourself, a friend or a family member you know has a problem with Oxycontin in Florida, we can assure you that you are not the only one. When you type Oxycontin and Florida in search engines, you will probably fall on Oxycontin addiction stories from page 1 to 10 and more.

Helping someone who suffers from Oxycontin addiction in Florida will often leave you in a precarious position, unsure of what actions to take. Where do i look for help related to Oxycontin? How does Oxycontin treatment work? When should i start taking the actions to help the person who abused Oxycontin? Well, for every case theres a different actions, but theres a few points that can be followed.

The first actions is determining if the person is actually addicted. Some signs of Oxycontin addiction are :

  • Withdrawing from those around you – this includes family members and friends as well as participating in activities you once found enjoyable.
  • Unethical behavior – “doctor shopping” or faking an illness to get painkillers from more than one doctor are examples of unethical behavior.
  • Irritability and mood swings – significant mood swings are common when the person is in between doses or experiencing withdrawal.
  • Euphoria – when an individual is taking painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin, they are likely to experience extreme euphoric side effects.
  • Criminal behavior – stealing becomes a common activity when the individual is experiencing the cravings for their favorite painkiller.
  • Chills or fever – these are common signs of withdrawal from painkillers. In many cases, the individual feels as though they have the flu.
  • Aches, nagging illnesses, and pain – the individual is likely to develop and suffer with a variety of aches, nagging illnesses, and pain when they are experiencing withdrawal.

If you notice some of the previously mentioned indicators, it is probably time for you to act. If you live in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, you will easily be able to get help due to the large quantity of assistance group in these populous cities. However, the many choices might be confusing and the various options can create doubt. Long term or short term? Residential or outpatient treatment? Also to note is if you live in a smaller city, Oxycontin detox and rehab programs might be rare. Whatever the case may be, the first thing you should do is to contact us at Calling us is free of charge and we will gladly assist you in finding the best Oxycontin detox and rehab treatment center.


There are many facilities and treatments for oxycodone addiction in Florida. We know of 179 outpatient oxycodone treatments in Florida. We also know of 62 long-term residential treatments and 52 short-term residential treatments that can help with oxycodone addiction in Florida. Residential treatments are often thought to be best since it takes the person out of the environment in which they were abusing oxycodone.

Florida has one of the highest rates in terms of oxycodone abuse and addiction. In fact, there was a gigantic leap in the last four years. In 2006, Florida accounted for 10% of the nation’s consumption of oxycodone, and in 2010, that statistic jumped to a scary 90%. And just to give a detailed picture of what that means, in the first six months of 2010, there were 40.8 million doses of oxycodone consumed, which in itself is a morbid number. On top of that, there were only 4.8 million oxycodone doses consumed in all the other states combined. Florida is literally flooded with OxyContin and other forms of oxycodone.

The major problem with OxyContin in Florida is the number of deaths it brings about. As an example, in 2009, there were 2,488 death related to drugs. Almost half of those deaths were linked to oxycodone, with 1,185 deaths that were oxycodone-related in 2009. These are 26% more than the previous year and a gigantic 249% leap over the past four years. Something needs to be done about oxycodone abuse in Florida.

There are very many oxycodone rehab treatments in Florida. This is good as the population needs these treatments to handle all the OxyContin addicts. However, there is a need for more and more oxycodone rehab treatments, but there is also a need for good prevention campaigns in order to stop this ever-growing epidemic.

Help can be found for OxyContin in Florida. There are some OxyContin detox programs and rehab treatments in Florida. One can also find an attorney helping you with OxyContin troubles. Do not hesitate to use our services in order to find the right option for you.

Here is a list that will help you find treatment services for Oxycontin Abuse in Florida. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Oxycontin Treatments in Florida


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