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Created On Tuesday, 12, April 2016
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Painkiller Addiction Treatment and Detox in Puerto Rico

All three of them work in different ways but have the same function: relieving pain.

Some of the commonly abused painkillers in the United States include Demerol, Morphine, Hydromorphone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, and Percocet. These drugs are often prescribed to people to treat pain, but most pain medications can be purchased illegally through online pharmacies and street-level drug dealers. The many different drug problems in Puerto Rico include painkillers and prescription opioids. An addiction to these drugs is dangerous, and these types of substances are responsible for countless overdose deaths all throughout the United States. Anyone battling an addiction to painkillers in Puerto Rico should seek out help through local treatment resources, such as medical detox programs, and long-term residential drug treatment. These types of addictions require a controlled and monitored detox, followed by inpatient drug rehabilitation. Painkiller addiction is dangerous, and difficult to overcome because of the physical and psychological dependency the drugs create. Without the right help in Puerto Rico, an addict will struggle much of his or her life to get over a painkiller addiction.

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Dilaudid Addiction Detox Programs & Treatments in Puerto Rico

Dilaudid is a name-brand synthetic pain medication; the generic name is hydromorphone; Dilaudid is synthesized from morphine. However, Dilaudid is far more potent than morphine and is a very addictive opioid. Within a hospital setting, Dilaudid is prescribed for legitimate medical reasons to treat pain. This can include post-operation pain or the treatment of chronic pain with cancer patients. Most prescription pain medications are not meant for long-term use, and in fact, after two to even three weeks of using Dilaudid, a user will develop a tolerance to the drug. One of the ways Dilaudid is gotten illegally is through doctor shopping. This is a method that involves getting a prescription for Dilaudid from multiple doctors, instead of only going to the one who gave the initial prescription. Dilaudid abuse in Puerto Rico can be successfully treated at a medical detox program or within one of the residential or outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities.

Hydrocodone Detox & Treatment in Puerto Rico

Drug and alcohol treatment centers are available all throughout the territory of Puerto Rico, and despite it not being part of the mainland United States, individuals and families can still struggle with addiction to opioids such as Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone treatment programs throughout the territory typically include opiate detox options, which would be considered a medical detox, and hospital inpatient programs.

A hospital inpatient service is not necessarily an inpatient program, but rather can provide emergency support when someone is going through severe withdrawals off Hydrocodone. Drug problems throughout Puerto Rico include people struggling with addictions to cocaine and methamphetamine, and alcohol abuse, along with prescriptions opiates finding its way into the territory. Suitable drug treatment and rehabilitation should always be sought when a person is