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Created On Wednesday, 19, November 2014
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Medically Supervised Detox Facilities For Drugs, Meds Or Alcoholism In Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania does have within it some medical detox centers and services that are both government-funded and privately run.

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Substance Abuse Detox Centers Using Buprenorphine in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has seen its fair share of heroin problems plaguing the major cities and many young adults becoming addicted to this very dangerous drug. There are different treatment solutions available in the state that help an addict beat their addiction, but some of these programs will not all be the best fit for every addict. All throughout the state of Pennsylvania, there are well over 25 different drug rehab facilities that use Buprenorphine treatment and medical detox to help handle heroin addiction and addiction to other opiates. This treatment method has proven successful in the state in effectively withdrawing addicts off of heroin, but it is meant for short-term use and should not necessarily be relied on for long-term use. This drug can become habit-forming, and if it is stopped abruptly a patient can experience withdrawals from it. The state of Pennsylvania has incorporated many different successful resources to help handle opiate addiction, and also through effective drug education and prevention, the state has helped thousands of youth stay off of drugs and not get caught up in the cycle of addiction and crime.

Substance Abuse Detox Programs Using Suboxone in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania opiate addiction, especially heroin impacts people in very serious ways. Many young adults and teens have become addicted to heroin and will struggle for long periods of time to completely come off of the drug. Heroin will cause a user to develop a physical dependency on the drug; which will make it very difficult and painful for the body to go through any sort of withdrawal from it. Opiate withdrawals are different for each user, but the vast majority of users have explained it to be a full-body pain, along with many other symptoms that can last for days or even weeks, depending on how severe a user they may have been.

Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, there are many different treatment options available, and included in these treatment options are medical detox centers and programs that provide treatment and detox using the drug Suboxone. Suboxone is an FDA approved drug that stops the effects of heroin and reduces the cravings caused by opiates, by affecting the opiate receptors in the brain. This method of treatment has been successful for some, and others have ended up becoming dependent on Suboxone, and have later needed a detox program to effectively withdraw off of Suboxone.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Pennsylvania

Opiate addicts in Pennsylvania who are searching for drug rehab have options to consider. Some opiate addicts will choose the route of taking medication, such as buprenorphine or suboxone. This can be provided to them through medication-assisted treatment. This rehabilitation method is popular among opiate addicts because it treats withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Residential and outpatient drug rehab centers in the state may offer this. During the detox, the patient is given one of the medications, with the option of continuing its use during therapy. MAT programs only work when they are part of some type of behavioral counseling. Addressing the underlying issues and reasons, why the addiction started, is important. This is the only way an opiate addict can overcome his or her addiction. Along with this, they must gain new life skills and coping methods they can apply to their lives. The end result of a MAT program should be to become completely drug-free, and not rely on medication as part of treatment.

Is medical detox is a good choice for an adolescent?

Teen addiction can be very dangerous, and adolescents can become hooked on some dangerous drugs, which cause severe physical dependencies. Teen addicts can attend medical detox programs, as it may be the only way to help them through the tough withdrawals. Once through the withdrawals and successfully drug-free, they will be ready to transition into an adolescent's drug rehab program.

àIn a 12-month period between July 2016 and July 2017, there were 5443 drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania. According to the Centers for Disease Control, this was an increase of 43.4% from the previous twelve months. This was the largest increase out of all 50 states, with Florida following closely behind. Many of these overdose deaths are attributed to drugs such as opioids. Within this classification, are pain reliever drugs, such as oxycodone or hydrocodone. Commonly prescribed pain medication be