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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia city prides in being the largest city and located in Philadelphia County in the state of Pennsylvania. It hosts many rehab centers which are age and gender specific to the residents with addiction problems. It has both public and private rehab centers which are located all over the city enabling easier access for all community members. Furthermore, the town offers prevention education to local communities by emphasizing the adverse effects of drug and substance abuse. Youths are encouraged to undertake work-related activities to enable them to be productive and avoid intrusive thoughts of using drugs and other chemical substances.

Meet an Expert


Bobby Newman is a certified counselor and interventionist who has been performing successful interventions for over 17 years. He also has educated thousands of people on the danger of drugs and alcohol addiction.

The city of Philadelphia has a lot of facilities for Youth and adults who are struggling with an addiction to drug or alcohol. All severity of addiction can be addressed within the city.

We can find:

  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Residential Rehabs
  • Detox Centers
  • Youth Treatments
  • DUI Offenders
  • Prevention & Education
  • Meetings

How is it possible to find the right program within so many?

It can be hard to narrow down the search when researching programs on the Internet, but what many families may not know is some locations offer addiction assessments. An in-person assessment can help a family narrow the search down, and put them in contact with a suitable drug rehabilitation center in their area. In-person assessments are far better than an on-line assessment, because drug rehabilitation programs can be recommended based around the clients needs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city of Philadelphia is the fifth-most populous city in the United States with a population estimated at over 1.5 million people. There is a significant amount of history behind the city, and it has evolved into an economic hub and an international study destination because of its universities and colleges. The major crimes within the city have been on somewhat of a decline, but there are still many issues with substance abuse and drug addiction. Treatment resources provided on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration directory include 70 programs operating within city limits.

Here is a list of the different services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Addiction Treatment Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania