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Missouri Prevention And Education Programs Concerning Drugs & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol prevention is usually the first line of defense against drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, as it helps educate and along with preventative measures, it can help save lives. Throughout the state of Missouri are over 12 different organizations that provide effective drug and alcohol prevention and education for addicts, communities, businesses, families, and anyone else who wants to know more. Preventative measures such as shelters, and needle-exchange programs have been helping to save addicts lives, and prevent the spread of disease. Shelters, for example, can provide a warm bed, a hot meal, and some resources to help addicts get clean and off of the street. Harm reduction programs for addicts have helped keep people of out of emergency rooms, and reduce the cost of health care in some states.

Did you know this about drug prevention and education?

Drug prevention programs have been around in the United States for quite some time, but it is not until the 2000’s where they have started to pick up steam with family, school, and community prevention programs. These programs are starting to see great success in preventing people from getting hooked on drugs.

These programs are important in fighting an on-going battle against drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. For example, many local schools will have drug education seminars to ensure local youth are given the right information about drugs and alcohol. So many youth in the United States today go un-informed about the dangers of drug abuse, and binge Definition of the word drinking, which is quite common among the younger crowds. Without these education and prevention programs, the local health system and drug rehabilitation sector would be treating twice as many patients.

Get Involved with These Addiction Prevention Tools

Here is a list of the different Prevention and education programs in Missouri. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.