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Rehabilitation & Detox Centers for Prescribed Medications Abuse in California


Depending on the kind of prescription drug, a drug test can give positive results at different times. For codeine, blood tests can give a positive result for a maximum of 24 hours, and urine tests can give a positive result for up to 48 hours.

Did you know this about prescription drugs?

Doctors are legally allowed to prescribe these drugs for uses that are not specified for approval by the FDA. Typically, this is called off-label use, and drug companies are not legally allowed to market prescription drugs for off-label use.

Prescription-drug addiction affects thousands of people across the state of California, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities offer numerous different services to treat prescription-drug problems. Some of the prescribed drugs that are abused, whether they are prescribed or purchased illegally include codeine, amphetamines, and Benzodiazepines.

Prescription-drug addiction is a serious problem, and requires effective drug treatment to help a person through the problem. Inpatient and outpatient drug treatment centers can offer effective therapies, but it will be the medical detox process that will get a patient physically prepared for treatment. Most of the prescribed medications that are abused will have to be slowly tapered down by a medical professional. The reason for this is because most of these drugs cause severe physical dependencies. Opioids, for example, when abused, should not be stopped abruptly as the withdrawals can be dangerous. Here is a list of a few more prescription drugs: DexedrineRitalinOpiatesPrescription Diet PillsSteroids, etc.

Below, you will find a list of medical detox & treatments for Prescribed Medication addiction in California. These facilities are medically supervised but you should reconfirm with the facilities. The list may be incomplete, so if you have a hard time finding the proper service, call one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Medical Detox & Rehabs for Prescription Drugs Abuse in California