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Rehabilitation & Detox Centers for Street Drugs Abuse in Arkansas

Commonly Abused Illicit Drugs in Arkansas

Throughout the state of Arkansas, there is a growing problem with prescription-drug abuse such as with prescription pain medications and synthetic opioids. There is a major epidemic across the United States with opioid addiction, and the treatment for these types of addictions can be difficult to work through. Treatment for opioid dependency will require a proper medical detox program to slowly wean the addict off the drug, and stabilize them before any form of therapy or counseling can take place. After detox, residential drug treatment will work best, because all the services can be provided in-house to help the addict. Other drug problems in Arkansas include issues with methamphetamine and inhalants, which are both destructive and addictive. Common inhalants include gasoline, glues, paint thinners, etc. and anything that can develop a high and a euphoric feeling. Drug treatment programs in Arkansas can help addicts and their families through these types of addictions. It is important to locate the best possible rehabilitation options because an addiction to methamphetamine or inhalants is usually part of a larger addiction problem.

Other commonly abused drugs could include: GHB, Ecstasy, Heroin, Ketamine, LSD, Mescaline and PCP.

Meet a Detox Expert


Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years. He also has helped hundreds of people getting off drugs and alcohol addiction.

Arkansas Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Arkansas Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Below, you will find a list of the detoxification services available for Street Drugs dependency in Arkansas. The list may be incomplete, so if you have a hard time finding the proper detox facility for you or a loved one, call one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Detoxification Programs for Street Drugs in Arkansas