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Created On Friday, 27, January 2017
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Relapse Prevention Programs for Drug & Alcohol Addiction in North Dakota

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Most of the drug treatment programs in North Dakota will offer some type of relapse prevention. This can be considered a type of counseling, such as behavioral modification, coping skills, therapy, and counseling. When you work through relapse prevention, you will learn new skills and abilities to help ensure you can maintain your sobriety. Falling into addiction can be easy, but when you take steps to overcome your addiction, it will not always be easy. The National Institute on Drug Abuse does report that roughly 40 to 60% of recovering addicts do relapse at least once.

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It is important to understand that a slip up may occur, but you can take steps to ensure this does not happen. When you can identify your triggers that can lead to drug abuse, you will prevent any type of relapse from happening. Relapse prevention should be part of any drug treatment program in North Dakota. Well-rounded treatment is important because you should be addressing the underlying issues connected to your addiction.