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Residential Detox Services by State

Residential Detox Services by State

Residential Detox Services For Chemical Dependency in the United States

Detoxification is the process that involves removing the toxins from the body, and this can be done in various ways, but this step is essential before any real therapy or counseling can happen. When an addict has abused drugs, they will develop a physical addiction, and these are the cases with most drugs; this physical addiction will create withdrawal pains when the addicts stops using the drug. The withdrawal pains are managed in various ways to allow the addict to clear the initial drug toxins from his or her body. The detox process will be different for each type of drug, and every individual addict handles withdrawal pains differently. A residential detox service in the United States is an inpatient program that will either be a private facility or a state-funded service. Residential means that the patient will be living at the center during their withdrawal or detox, and typically transition directly into a drug treatment program. Residential detox services are more effective than home detox, because the patient can be monitored by trained and qualified professionals.

Across the United States, residential detox services offer addicts a chance to safely go through his or her withdrawals and then proceed directly into treatment or therapy. This is the case, because many residential detox programs may be part of a drug rehabilitation center. In other circumstances, the residential detox service may be a separate program all together, and will provide everything the patient requires during their stay. Private residential detox services can get expensive, costing upwards of 10 to 15 thousand on the higher end, but these facilities tend to offer more luxuries and various detox procedures to help their patients. Typically, a private residential detox can cost 3 to 5 thousand dollars, but of course this will be different for each private facility in the United States. State-funded programs will either be free or will be low cost, which means the patient is simply paying for the bed at a subsidized day rate. Unfortunately, the problem with either private or state funded residential detox programs are the number of beds available. This tends to be one of the larger barriers that addicts have to contend within in the United States, and this is finding a bed for a detox program in their state. To counter these problems, many states have adopted harm reduction services, or are attempting to increase funding for state-funded programs.

The opioid epidemic across the United States has made it even more important for residential detox services to be available for addicts. Opioid withdrawal is extremely difficult to go through, and is one of the main reasons why opioid addicts never get help. Depending on the types of drugs being used, the average stay at a residential detox service can be one week, and go upwards of one month with a severe case. The more dangerous withdrawals will include alcohol, opioids, and some types of prescription drugs. Opioid withdrawal can take multiple weeks, which is the same for a dangerous alcohol addiction, because of how much the person is using it takes time to wean them off and stabilize his or her withdrawal symptoms. Choosing the correct residential detox service is important, but also locating a bed or a facility that is available is just that more significant. Detox is an important step, and should be done under the care of qualified professionals, however; many addicts attempt to detox on their own at home or with the help of family and friends. The detox will not be successful, because it is very easy to give into the cravings and succumb to the withdrawal symptoms without the proper help or medications. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs will require a detox or observation period prior to any type of therapy or counseling. Whether this is done at the drug treatment center or within a different facility, this step must occur.


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