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Short term drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation is a valid and common method of addressing substance abuse and addiction. Short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation is typically less than thirty days in length and is most commonly about twenty-one to twenty-eight days long. Short term rehabilitation often includes several days of detoxification in the beginning to address chemical dependence to drugs and alcohol, and then two to three weeks of residential rehabilitation after that to address the mental and psychological aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation is helpful in that it helps addicts to really focus on their problems and to do it without taking an exorbitant amount of time either. This approach to addiction rehabilitation provides struggling addicts with a recourse that gets them a pretty intensive amount of services and care in a short amount of time.

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Short Term Drug Rehabilitation in Puerto Rico

Short-term drug treatment programs in Puerto Rico do regularly treat addicts who are addicted to opioids. The territory of Puerto Rico saw an increase in opioid-related drug abuse after the recent hurricane. The government is struggling to keep up with the number of people using opioids, and those who need help. In 2017, there were roughly 60 fentanyl-related overdose deaths in Puerto Rico before Hurricane Maria. The official data after the hurricane does not reflect the true situation, because the local government does not properly track the overdose deaths. Heroin and locally produced fentanyl have become a crisis throughout the island. Local authorities have indicated that a less controlled version of fentanyl is now being smuggled in from China and India and being mixed with heroin, cocaine, and even marijuana to a lesser degree. Opioid-related overdose deaths continue to climb, and it is important for addicts to get the proper help they need to treat the addiction. Once an opioid addict has finished the proper detox, they can start to transition into one of the short-term drug rehab centers. Short-term drug treatment can be effective.

Statistically, more people finish short-term drug treatment than those who go through a long-term drug rehab center. However, this does not speak to the effectiveness of the drug rehab center itself. Part of the treatment process for an addict should be learning about addiction. Substance abuse is different for each person who goes through it, and there are always unique factors that do lead-up to you starting to abuse drugs. There are circumstances where drugs are abused because the person may be bored, and it started with a casual drug user problem. Other issues may have started because of some type of physical or emotional pain that is being coped with. When you can learn about addiction, you will be better able to identify the things, people, places, or events that trigger your addiction. Also, learning about the realities of addiction is important, and knowing the damaging effects caused by substance abuse. The abuse of opioids for many in Puerto Rico has caused the spread of disease. The use of needles, and injecting the drug will cause infections to happen, some of which can be deadly. Finding the right type of help is important, and short-term treatment programs can be a good option.

Can an addict go through detox in a short-term drug rehab center?

Detox programs are offered within short-term drug rehab centers; some may not be within the same center, but detox is usually the first step prior to any form of drug treatment. When looking for short-term drug treatment facilities, the addict and their family should enquire as to what type of detox may be provided through the rehabilitation center.

Short-Term Drug Treatment Centers in Puerto Rico

A short-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will help a patient over a period of a month or more but typically does not exceed two months. Anything longer will normally be considered long-term drug treatment, and this may be within different facilities.

Statistics on Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Residential drug addiction rehabilitation is a powerful and correct choice for those who are seeking an address of their substance abuse problem. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health provided some key data on just how beneficial inpatient, residential short term rehab centers are. Some of the statistics that support going to short term rehabilitation centers are:

  • Individuals who go to and complete a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program that is two to three weeks long are four times as likely to maintain sobriety as an addict who seeks out outpatient care.
  • Individuals who attend short term rehab and an aftercare program more than triple their odds of a relapse-free life.
  • Individuals who seek out inpatient rehab that is short term have about a sixty percent chance of succeeding and never relapsing. Individuals who try to beat addiction on their own only have about a five percent chance of succeeding.

The list below will help you on how to find the different short-term inpatient programs in Puerto Rico. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.



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