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Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation Treatments in Roseville, California

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Roseville, California, Placer County

Located in Placer County, Roseville is the largest city within the county, and the cities population is just under 140,000 people. For decades, the city was a railroad town but went through revitalization during the mid-1980s, and today, the economy is made up of a variety of businesses. For example, shopping plays a vital role within the economy, and the city is considered a regional shopping destination and has the second-largest shopping mall in Northern California. Substance abuse within the retail industry has always been problematic and contributes money lost every year due to employees missing work. Within Placer County as a whole, drug and alcohol abuse impacts all of the different communities.

According to the 2017 Placer County Community Health Status Assessment, the unemployment rate was 4.2% in 2016, which was lower than the state unemployment rate. Approximately 9% of residents in Placer County and 11% of children lived below the Federal Poverty Level in 2015. Both these numbers were much lower than the state average. Families with children living within the county were more affected by poverty than families without children. Approximately 10% of families with children in the county were living in poverty in 2015. Unemployment and poverty is often a strong motivator for someone to abuse drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse treatment resources within the city of Roseville include public programs and outreach services to help residents.

Here is a list of the different services in Roseville, California. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Drug & Alcohol Rehabs for Addiction in Roseville, California


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Marcel Gemme has been helping people struggling with addiction for over 19 years. He first started as an intake counselor for a drug rehabilitation center in 2000. During his 5 years as an intake counselor, he helped many addicts get the treatment they needed. He also dealt with the families and friends of those people; he saw first-hand how much strain addiction puts on a family and how it can tear relationships apart. With drug and alcohol problems constantly on the rise in the United States and Canada, he decided to use the Internet as a way to educate and help many more people in both those countries. This was 15 years ago. Since then, Marcel has built two of the largest websites in the U.S. and Canada which reach and help millions of people each year. He is an author and a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. His main focus is threefold: education, prevention and rehabilitation. To this day, he still strives to be at the forefront of technology in order to help more and more people.