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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Recovery Programs in Sand Point, Alaska

Adolescents are generally more vulnerable to drugs because of the peer pressure and the idea of fitting in. Eastern Aleutian Tribes Inc has identified this and offers treatment programs that are specifically designed for the young adults. However, their services do not only limit it to the teens. They also tend to prioritize pregnant women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs or alcohol. The substance abuse program is an outpatient facility, and emphasis on recovery and relapse prevention. The counseling program aids in addressing the continuing problems. Moreover, they extend their services to LGBT and DUI offenders as well.

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Bobby Newman is a certified counselor and interventionist who has been performing successful interventions for over 17 years. He also has educated thousands of people on the danger of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Alaska Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Alaska Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Here is a list that will help you find the different drug & alcohol treatment services in Sand Point, Alaska. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Addiction Treatment Services in Sand Point, Alaska