South Dakota Drug Rehab Centers for Seniors

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Addiction treatment options for the elderly in South Dakota include residential and outpatient facilities. Seniors struggling with drug addiction face unique challenges physically and mentally, requiring added medical support. The first step in treating drug addiction involves drug detox to manage withdrawal symptoms. Drug detox is essential for elderly drug addicts, and medical detox programs in South Dakota are the best option, along with hospital inpatient services. The next step with drug rehab involves attending a residential or outpatient drug rehab for seniors following drug detox. Residential drug rehab centers in South Dakota offer more therapy methods and support. Outpatient drug rehab is also effective and more appealing to older patients who cannot attend inpatient care. Recovering drug addicts should also follow through with aftercare support like 12-step meetings and peer support groups for seniors.

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How Do Seniors Become Addicted to Drugs?

Seniors become addicted to drugs for different reasons, yet there are some common triggers. Drug rehab programs for the elderly in South Dakota utilize different therapy methods to address these issues. Some of the potential triggers that cause drug addiction among the elderly are retirement, death of family or friends, loss of income, and financial strain, and struggling with relocation. Even the stress of moving to long-term care or assisted living is tough to manage. Many seniors also struggle with sleeping and suffer from chronic pain. Family conflict can also lead to stress and worry, causing drug addiction. Many problems begin with heavy drinking or abusing prescription drugs. Seniors' drug rehab programs in South Dakota help the addict address these issues. Without proper treatment, an elderly individual struggling with addiction faces an increased risk of worsening physical and psychological problems.

Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Older Adults

Noticing the signs of drug addiction among older adults is not easy. Many families often struggle with this, and the problem is overlooked. Many of the early indicators tend to mimic behavioral changes seniors struggle with. For example, problems like dementia or Alzheimer's and other mental health issues. Some of the early signs of drug addiction include poor self-care, increasing medical appointments, gastrointestinal issues, recurrent falls or other injuries, unusual behavior changes, and estranged from family or friends. Family members may notice drastic mood changes or mood swings that are uncharacteristic. When family members begin to notice the signs of drug addiction, it is important to intervene. The purpose of a family intervention is to help the family convince their loved one to attend a drug rehab program for the elderly in South Dakota.

How to Locate a Drug Rehab Center for the Elderly in South Dakota

The process of locating and being administered to a drug rehab program for seniors in South Dakota is not difficult. Families can take different steps and explore options that benefit their loved ones. The first step should involve using private or state health insurance. Most health insurance providers in South Dakota cover behavioral health services for seniors. However, the extent of coverage and what is paid for by health insurance depends on the health plan type. Another option to consider is an addiction assessment. The purpose of an assessment is to evaluate the addict and recommend drug rehab programs for seniors in South Dakota.

Here is a list of the different drug rehabilitation centers for seniors in South Dakota. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Drug Rehabs for the Elderly in South Dakota


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