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Should I Get My M.D Involved in My Drug Rehabilitation Treatment?

It can be good idea to include your doctor in the process of your rehabilitation program. Even the doctors who don't specialize in drug abuse treatment can often help in this process with their experience and knowledge. And once your treatment gets finished, your doctors can help you if any problem comes up post drug rehabilitation treatment.

Many medical complications are involved post the rehabilitation process comes to an end and can continue for a long time. It is recommended for patients to stay under continued care and supervision, and doctors with their resources and knowledge can give suggestions to their patients. A recovering addict can easily find out support groups in his community, outpatient care and various other sources that can be vital for an addict in his recovery.

For medical reasons, you need to discuss about your drug addiction problems that you have been struggling with for positive results. There are many drugs available that can have deadly side effects when abused, and these side effects, when involved with other ailments, can confuse the doctor who might end up doing misdiagnosis. Hence, it is your duty to keep your doctor informed with all your medical conditions so that they can treat you in the best possible way.

If I’m on medication that is in no way connected to the drug abuse issue, can I bring them to the drug rehab?

Every drug rehab facility has its own policies regarding prescribed medicines in United States. If the medication is vital for the patient's health, then none of the drug rehab centers would stop or forbid them from taking the medicines. The drug rehabilitation center make sure that they take the medical slips from the patients at the very beginning, and feed the patients the prescribed medicines at the right intervals and correct dosage which is prescribed by their doctors. In this manner the patients can have their medication without abusing it.

There are certain medications that are banned by the rehab facilities because they have the potential for abuse. Xanax and similar drugs that act as muscle relaxants are banned. Also medications which are amphetamines such as Adderall and also others ADD/ADHD medicines are banned by the drug rehab centers. Even medications that can cause sleep are banned because of the potential for addiction. The rules are just to ensure that the patient remains safe and is treated properly in the drug rehab arena. Drug rehab arenas have their own methods for this and are made clear to the addict before he/she enters the center for treatment.