Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Spotsylvania County, Virginia

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In Spotsylvania County, substance abuse is an issue that is present and of great concern. Just in the past few years, it has caused a great deal of damage in the community, and to this day, it is still wreaking havoc and taking lives. There exist many different types of treatment programs for those who wish to get help for alcohol and drug abuse problems. But, for some individuals, acknowledging that they have an addiction and getting help for it isn’t as easy. In those cases, their loved ones may decide to get the help of a professional and stage an intervention. This is where the family and close friends of the addict can share their feelings and tell the addict how their addiction has affected them. They will then be giving the addict an ultimatum, which usually consists of them attending a treatment program or their loved ones will cut them off completely. Also, before the intervention, the interventionist will prepare a “plan B” with them, in case the intervention is not successful. This is to ensure that everyone present at the intervention is prepared and follows through with the plan. The intervention will bring the addict to first attend a drug detoxification center to handle the physical side of their addiction, and then enter a drug treatment center to deal with the psychological aspect.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Spotsylvania County, VA

The problems related to substance abuse in Spotsylvania County have caused a lot of deaths in the last years. For instance, just in 2017, there were 22 deaths that were drug-related, and according to County Health Rankings, alcohol-impaired driving led to 26 deaths between 2014 and 2018. This previous statistic accounts for 41% of all driving deaths for those same years. In 2017, there were also 20 deaths caused by opioid overdoses. Then, there is excessive drinking, and in that same year, 21% of the adult population reported binge or heavy drinking. We spoke a lot of alcohol abuse and addiction, and of the consequences brought on by it, but what about those who are willing to get help for their alcohol addiction. Well, they have the chance to recover by attending an alcohol treatment program. This begins normally by a detox, so they can go through the withdrawal process. These can be dangerous to the individual, which is why it is important that they do it at a facility with medical personnel that can supervise them. Once that is done, they can go through the treatment that will help them address the issues that either caused their addiction or contributed to it, and this will allow them to be in control of their life and learn how to deal with the problems without abusing alcohol.

Spotsylvania County’s Prevention Efforts for Substance Abuse

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office has been extremely helpful in the fight to reduce substance abuse in the community. First, there is the Patrol Division, which has a K9 Unit, and the teams participate in monthly training, and this allows them to help the patrol officers in different tasks, including narcotics detection, and this saves lots of man-hours. Next, there is the Special Investigations Unit and the detectives who work in this unit help investigate crimes that involve narcotics, street crimes, and gangs. They help get drugs off the streets of Spotsylvania County, but sometimes, law enforcement personnel are the ones who are struggling with addiction issues. They deal with highly stressful situations day after day, and some may resort to alcohol and/or drug abuse. However, this is a temporary solution, but there are treatment programs that are made specifically for law enforcement. These will help them address the problems they are facing and learn how to deal with them without abusing any substance, so they can keep protecting their community.

Here is a list of the different treatment centers in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.



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