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Steve Bruno



Steve has been a professional interventionist since 2001. He has successfully gotten addicts and alcoholics into programs all over the world. In 2017, he published More Than Hope, The Intervention Guidebook, a book about his work and methods. He also writes articles and blogs for some of the largest publications and programs in the world.

His success is a matter of record. Out of 30 interventions surveyed, 29 of the addicts arrived into the program of choice during the intervention itself, with a willingness to do the program.

He attributes his successes to the fact that he was an addict himself for many years and therefore has personal, intimate experience with most drugs, the corollary depression and treatment programs. His own familiarity with what an addict and his family experiences mean that where others may see chaos, Steve sees mechanisms. He knows how to counter those mechanisms and create tactical, strategic solutions customized to each, individual case.

Steve offers free consultations and considers himself a ‘soft sell.’

“The decision to do an intervention can’t come from me – it has to come from the family or family member, so when I get a call, I educate the person and we go from there.”

Call Steve at (747) 220-2287, or visit

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