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Substance Abuse National Services - Charitable or Non-Profit Organizations

All throughout the United States are countless charitable and non-profit organizations, and many work directly with substance abuse. Non-profit organizations or a non-business entity will be dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. In this case, the non-profit or charitable organizations in the United States who work with substance abuse issues, focus on helping people stay informed about drugs and alcohol, how to stay off them, and ensure the individuals and families living in the various communities can access the help and support they need. Some of the key aspects of a non-profit or charitable organization are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and an openness to every person who may have invested time and money into the organization. Drug and alcohol abuse is an on-going problem throughout the entire country, but there are many different resources and options to help those in need.

Many non-profit or charitable organizations that handle substance abuse and addiction issues will often coordinate efforts with government entities and access certain resources through government substance abuse programs and help centers. It is common for non-profit substance abuse services to access resources through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. SAMHSA funds surveys and research that help to determine the state of the nation in regards to substance abuse issues, and the availability of different programs to treat these issues, which does include non-profit organizations. Along with this useful information, there will be educational materials, and SAMHSA does support a number of programs and initiatives that operate throughout the Untied States. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration do publish informative documents, such as the Treatment Improvement Protocols, which are often utilized by non-profit substance abuse treatment programs. This type of document offers information about the current research and advancements in therapies and the many different programs, which have shown to improve treatment outcomes in the United States.

Non-profit and charitable organizations that work in the substance abuse and addiction field will rely on current and up-to-date research to help provide the services or support they offer. The National Institute of Health is also part of the U.S. Department of Health and is a broad organization and performs significant research surrounding the prevention of disease. There are three separate institutes within the National Institute of Health that focus specifically on substance abuse and addiction. These are the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and the National Institute on Mental Health. Many non-profit organizations that work in the field of substance abuse, and addiction will pull research and data from these government organizations to keep up on current trends surrounding addiction and substance abuse. There is also a privately-owned non-profit research organization called the National Development and Research Institute. This particular organization does perform research for substance abuse and addiction through its Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery, which was created in 2003. The primary focus of this organization is to advance the knowledge about the psychosocial factors and processes that contribute to addictive behaviors, along with ensuring the maintenance of a stable recovery from addiction. The various studies done at this Institute learn from the experiences of individuals who are going through different stages of addiction and recovery and will take this information to the recovery and treatment community, keeping them up to date about helpful research and strategies.

Alcoholism is a continuing problem all throughout the United States, and it is a commonly abused drug by people of all ages and backgrounds. There is a non-profit organization called the Foundation for Alcoholism Research, which is a non-profit charity foundation, which supports research into alcoholism. The Foundation for Alcoholism Research was formed by several people who were concerned about the limited help for people who suffered from an alcohol addiction. The individuals who founded this program are not professional healthcare givers but utilize the organization to help accelerate advances in treatment for an alcohol addiction. The Foundation for Alcoholism Research is a public charity that supports research into finding better solutions for the treatment of alcoholism. They do look at alcoholism as a disease and do collect funding to help support the treatment of the disease. Many people are afflicted with alcoholism in the United States, and unfortunately; it is a difficult addiction to treat. Organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous are some of the more recognized and help alcoholics along the road of recovery.

Many non-profit or charitable organizations that work within the substance abuse field do rely on donations and outside funding, and there are non-profit groups that do help raise money for substance abuse treatment; that people can donate to. The To Write Love on Her Arms non-profit organization was founded by someone who was helping a friend who was suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. The story about the addiction and what was happening was published online, and everything that took place to help this person who was suffering from addiction was inspiring and pushed the founder of this organization to help others in need. To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement that is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. This organization does invest directly into treatment recovery, and in the ten years that this program has existed, it has given more than $1.5 million dollars to treatment programs, and also provided grants to counseling practices and organizations dedicated to helping people with addiction, depression, and other mental health issues.

Non-profit organizations are instrumental in helping end the problems of substance abuse, and providing the support and perseverance required to push forward. Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes millions of American families. Shatterproof provides extensive information and resources about addiction, treatment, prevention, and recovery and has been involved in the development of national policies surrounding mental health and addiction treatment. Some of the things that Shatterproof does advocate for includes state and federal policies to increase access to evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. This organization wants to ensure that every American has access to high-quality evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment. Shatterproof also advocates for every healthcare provider to be educated and equipped to refer patients to science-based addiction treatment and reduce the patient risk through responsible opioid prescribing. Shatterproof is also working to lead an initiative to transform addiction treatment in American, and the action plan includes treatment provider ratings, payment reform, provider transformation and stigma reduction, public education and stigma reduction, and federal and state policy. Organizations such as Shatterproof help to keep new and proven advances in drug treatment at the forefront and working with communities to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get the help they need.

For many former addicts, it can be difficult to remain sober after treatment, and this can be because of a variety of different reasons. Fortunately, there are many organizations such as Helping Others Live Sober that work to ensure recovering addicts can maintain his or her sobriety. Helping Others Live Sober is a non-profit federally funded investigation that is dedicated to helping alcoholics and addicts stay sober. This organization has a growing study program, which is based on the idea that helping others can increase an individual’s desire to stay sober and avoid relapse. This idea and research revolve around looking at treatment as not being the end of the process and supporting those who have left treatment is an important part of the recovery process. When looking on the website, there will be resources provided for motivation and inspiration to help avoid relapse. This will include recordings and stories from programs and the perspective of others who are on the road to recovery. Helping Others Live Sober website also provides useful links that can help a person continue on the path of recovery, such as forums for creativity and art. Maintaining sobriety is always easier with the help of other people, and there are numerous organizations within the United States, who can offer on-going and continual support for recovering addicts after treatment.

One aspect of treatment that is often overlooked is how to help the loved ones of those who are struggling with addiction. Throughout the United States are many different support groups and organizations for families of addicts. One that does offer these types of programs is 100Pedals, which provides resources for family and friends of people with addiction and substance abuse problems. 100Pedals is a non-profit organization, which does work with parents struggling with substance abuse problems in the family. This organization focuses on providing coaching and education, which emphasizes changing the conversation parents have with their children by utilizing more effective listing behaviors. It is important for children to experience the healing influences of parents in a place that is safe from the shame and judgment of their addiction. The 100Pedlas organization provides education and coaching programs and puts on fundraising events to raise money and awareness. They also offer substance use disorder education seminars, workshops and presentations, along with coaching for groups and individuals. Support and help for family and friends impacted by addiction are important, and these types of organizations are essential in ensuring families and friends of addicts have a place to turn when they need help.

Here is a list of the different national services provided by non-profit and charitable organizations that are available across the United States. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of National Addiction Charitable or Non-Profit Organizations in the United States


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