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Substance Abuse National Services - Non-Government Organizations in the USA

The non-profit or private sector of drug prevention and education services, or non-government organizations, in the United States is quite extensive, and many organizations have been operating for decades. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship, and may not always be recognized for drug prevention, but the program does promote living a healthy life without alcohol, along with incorporating preventative teachings to its members.  Alcoholics Anonymous offers on-going outpatient treatment support for alcoholics and any other type of addiction.  Addicts can attend daily meetings and connect up with other like-minded people who are drug and alcohol free.  Alcohol Anonymous is based on the 12-steps of addiction treatment, which is incorporated in numerous drug rehab centers throughout the United States.  The program is self-supporting through volunteer work, and small contributions from its members. Alcoholics Anonymous accepts no outside funds and is not affiliated with any other organization. The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America have been around since 1992 and works to strengthen the capacity of new and existing coalitions to build safe, healthy and drug-free communities. It is a non-profit organization that provides technical assistance, training, public policy, media strategies, and marketing programs. The Community Anti-Drug Coalition does provide numerous resources to help communities prevention all types of drug and alcohol abuse.

There are many drug prevention and support services for children in the United States. D.A.R.E. American Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a non-profit organization and works with children to help them gain the information and skills; they need to live drug and violence-free lives. D.A.R.E. was founding in 1983 in Los Angeles, and the program is implemented in 75% of the nation’s school districts, and in more than 52 countries around the world. The Drug-Abuse Resistance Education program is a police officer led series of classroom lessons that teaches children from kindergarten through grade 12 how to resist peer pressure, and live productive drug and violence-free lives.  Extensive resources are provided through D.A.R.E to help educate and support those who may be battling addiction.  Some of the services D.A.R.E. offers is available to elementary schools, middle schools, and highs schools.  Teachers and administrator can access enhancement lesions, opioid and OTC/RX drug information, education, and prevention services, abuse and prevention curricula, as well as online and mobile support.

The Drug-Free America Foundation was founded in 1996 and is a program that helps educate Americans about ballot initiatives and other attempts to legalize as ‘medicine’ unsafe and unapproved drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. This non-profit organization is a drug prevention and policy organization that is committed to developing strategies that prevent drug use and promote sustainable recovery. The vision of Drug-Free America Foundation is to help all people live free of the burden of drug abuse.  Drug Free America offers extensive resources for families and addicts, who are looking for information about marijuana, opioids, synthetic Designer drugs Definition of the word Designer drugs, and stimulants.  Other resources provided through Drug Free America includes information about impaired driving, and information and tools about how to prevent drug abuse in the work place.  Drug Free America provides reliable up to date information for those seeking help, along with current research about drugs and drug abuse in the United States.



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