Substance Abuse Treatment Covered by Health Net in Nebraska

Last updated: Thursday, 25, November 2021


Health Net health insurance plans provide different types of treatment and care, and this includes coverage for families and individuals, small or large groups of employees, and Medicare beneficiaries. Health insurance plans are often used to help cover some or all the cost of treatment for a substance use disorder. Drug and alcohol addiction along with other mental health problems can be a devastating problem for some. Without the right help, an addict can quickly spiral out of control. Throughout the state of Nebraska, are both state-funded and private rehabilitation resources. Both types of options should be considered, and both are known to work with health insurance providers. Health insurance, such as what Health Net provides can help offset some or all the cost of treatment. When you are searching for a drug treatment program in Nebraska, you should contact your insurance provider, and find out what types of coverage you have for drug and alcohol rehab.

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