Substance Abuse Treatment Covered by Managed Health Network in Wisconsin

Last updated: Thursday, 25, November 2021


When searching for a drug or alcohol treatment program in Wisconsin it is important to contact your insurance company and find out what type of coverage you may have. Managed Health Network offers behavioral health plans and employee assistance programs for individuals and employers throughout the state of Wisconsin. Managed Health Network also offers driving under the influence programs, anger management, addiction assessments, and drug diversion programs. Anyone battling a drug or alcohol addiction in the state, should reach out to local treatment services for help. Regardless of how difficult the addiction is, it is important to get the proper help. Both state-funded and private drug treatment centers are available in Wisconsin, and both types of services will often accept some type of health insurance. Health insurance plans for drug addiction treatment are excellent resources to use, because it does alleviate some of the financial burden.

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