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Managed Health Network (MHN) Insurance for Addiction Services by State

Managed Health Network (MHN) Insurance for Addiction Services by State

Substance Abuse Rehab Services Covered by Managed Health Network in the United States

Managed Health Network provides behavioral health plans and employee assistance programs to people and businesses across the United States. The employee assistance programs comprise face-to-face clinical counseling, phone consultations, life and work services, client services for employees, and behavioral health plans that provide mental health and substance abuse coverage. Along with this, there will be depression management, and support programs.

Managed Health Network employee assistance programs also provide driving under the influence programs, anger management, drug and alcohol assessments, and drug diversion programs and organizational development consultations. This type of consolation is the key to helping employees who may be battling substance abuse problems, as it can conduct a workplace needs assessment, facilitated group processing, and support group development. Employees may also access critical incident stress management, substance abuse referrals, workplace re-entry program, and clinical support services. The Managed Health Network does service fortune 500 companies, government agencies, multi-employer funds, and affiliate accounts. They do offer their products through a network of licensed practitioners, hospitals, and care facilities.

The coverage provided will help employees who are struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, and addiction. The behavioral healthcare plans can be purchased alone or integrated with a Health Net medical plan, and the services can be tailored to specific customer requirements. The behavioral health care programs may include sessions with a counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. There can also be treatment in a hospital or residential facility, including partial hospitalization and residential treatment programs. People in recovery and those out of treatment can receive follow-up care and aftercare. Crisis intervention is also available 24 hours a day, and every day of the year. Managed Health Network does work with providers to help shape treatment plans that do adhere to national standards. The care managers that work with Managed Health Network are licensed clinicians, so as patients can receive the proper care, and follow-up treatment needed. The treatment resources will be managed in a way to facilitate high-quality care, along with it being cost effective.

The way that health insurance works are the person will sign up for a healthcare plan, whether this is done privately or through their place of employment. Most health insurance plans will have a deductible, or an amount that the person must reach before insurance coverage kicks in. Most health insurance plans will pay for a certain amount of treatment, but some insurance policies may cover all aspects of rehabilitation and treatment, but this will depend on the provider. Within each type of plan, the levels of coverage and the services provided will vary, and Managed Health Network is no different. When employees are covered under this plan, they should speak to a representative to ask what will be covered for substance abuse treatment. Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace can become a serious problem, and many works lose time at work, or are forced to leave work because of their addiction. It will be important to find the right type help, and this can be done through the local health insurance provider.

The behavioral health plans through Managed Health Network cover medically necessary treatment. This will include services for mental health and substance abuse problems. You should speak to your insurance provider to determine what is medically necessary. For example, some addicts will have treatment with therapists and counselors. This is effective to address the underlying problems connected to the addiction. There are always reasons why someone becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol. When you discover these reasons, it does alleviate much of the problem. The counseling process is unique for each addict who goes through it.

The treatment you receive and what is covered through Managed Health Network are in settings that meet your medical needs. This could be for a few hours each day or several days per week. Residential or 24-hour care is also available and must meet your medical needs. Inpatient drug rehab is the best solution to help treat addiction. The around the clock care and service are essential to help addicts through a difficult addiction. Residential drug rehab provides all the services you need while you live in the facility. If an addict has struggled with addiction much of his or her life, this is a beneficial program.

Drug and alcohol addiction in the United States impacts specific populations and demographics. Per a National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 4% of American adolescent’s struggle with addiction. These are teens ages 12 to 17, which means 1 in 25 of them will have a drug problem. Roughly 1.8% of this group will struggle with an alcohol use disorder. And around 3% of this group will have an illicit drug use problem. Teen drug treatment is important to help them through a difficult addiction. Some drug rehab centers treat adolescents specifically. This will often be an inpatient drug rehab center assisting a certain age group between 12 and 18 years old.

Within this same survey, 5.1 million young adults in the United States battled a substance use disorder. These are people between 18 and 25, which was 14.8% of the population. Essentially this is 1 in 7 people within this age group struggle with a substance abuse disorder. In 2017 around 3.4 million young adults struggled with alcohol addiction. Within this same year, roughly 2.5 million young adults had a problem with illicit drugs. Those who are covered Managed Health Network can use their plan to cover the cost of treatment.


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