Substance Abuse Treatment Covered by Multiplan in Maryland

Created On Friday, 26, May 2017
Modified On Sunday, 05, September 2021


Health insurance plans for individuals and families in Maryland are often used to help cover some or all the cost of treatment, and Multiplan is not necessarily an insurance provider but does offer a preferred provider organization. The Multiplan provider network is one of the largest and independent networks within the United States. Those who are insured, and have access to the Multiplan network, can find behavioral health programs and substance abuse treatment resources. Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction is difficult, and too many addicts do not find the help they need, because of financial barriers. Health insurance plans can help alleviate some or all the cost of treatment, but this will depend on the type of health insurance plan you have. Most of the residents in Maryland will have some type of health insurance. Both state-funded and private drug treatment centers in Maryland will often accept different types of health insurance. However, it is a good idea to contact these programs and find out what type of health insurance can be taken at the program.

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