Substance Abuse Treatment Covered by Multiplan in Puerto Rico

Created On Friday, 26, May 2017
Modified On Sunday, 05, September 2021


Substance abuse throughout the territory of Puerto Rico is an issue for many of the people who live there. However, when you are covered by health insurance, typically your plan will include some basic coverage for the treatment of a substance use disorder. Multiplan is not a health insurance provider but is a leased network of preferred providers, that insurance carriers in Puerto Rico may use. When you have health insurance, you can search through a list of service providers to find the one that will work for you. Within a Multiplan network of providers, you can find behavioral health programs and substance abuse treatment resources. Because the cost of drug treatment does vary depending upon the type of treatment, health insurance plans can be a good option to consider. However, the type of plan you have will only cover a certain amount, and this will be determined by how much you are paying for the health insurance plan, or if you have a government-sponsored health insurance policy.

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