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    Last Updated: November 3, 2023

    SUPE: Hey guys! This is SUPE, the gentle dragon, and welcome to another education and prevention story about drugs. Did you know that there is something called “edibles”? They look like candies but can be very dangerous. I’ll leave you with Dave and Cathy, who will help you learn everything about edibles and why you should never take candy from someone you don’t know.

    Dave: Hey Cathy, do you know what edibles are?

    Cathy: Isn’t it a company that sells candies and cupcakes?

    Dave: Yes, it is, but there’s also another kind of edibles. They look like candies but are not for kids.

    Cathy: Ooohh my!

    Dave: The reason they’re not for kids is that they contain cannabis. Well, first, let me explain what that is. Cannabis is a drug that comes from a plant. It’s often called marijuana. It can affect you in a number of ways, causing problems for your mind, your body and messing with your emotions too.

    Cathy: I can’t believe it! Now, is that why my uncle was looking weird the other day at home?

    Dave: It’s possible. Let me tell you what can happen. People can experience paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, fear, and changes in how they think or their ability to make decisions. They can feel relaxed or anxious. They can become unpredictable, and not necessarily pleasant to be around.

    Cathy: Wow! Why would people take this?

    Dave: I get why that would be confusing. But we’ll save that discussion for another time. Now let’s go back to edibles. Edibles are foods that contain marijuana. They come in all shapes and sizes, like candy bars, candies, chocolate, gummies, cookies and more.

    Cathy: Would that mean that if someone else eats one of those, it would be like when my uncle smokes it?

    Dave: Exactly, it just takes longer to feel the effects.

    Cathy: But what would happen if I or a kid my age takes an ebidle?

    Dave: [Laughs]The word is edible Cathy, not ebidle. [Laughs] Kids should never take marijuana in any form. Let me explain, look at this drawing. This is you, and this is your mom. Her body is 3 to 4 times bigger than yours. So the effects of this powerful drug will be 3 to 4 times stronger for you than it would be for your mom. On top of that, your body’s still growing. This can make it worse and can even affect how you grow.

    Cathy: I get it, but how can I tell the difference between a candy and an edible?

    Dave: That’s an excellent question, Cathy. Let me show you some pictures of real marijuana edibles. This is a candy, a chocolate, a cup cake. So you see, they look exactly like regular food.

    Cathy: Yeah they do. So how can I know if I’m eating one?

    Dave: One way to tell is by the taste. It can taste like grass.

    Cathy: UGH! That’s gross!

    Dave: I know, right? So, if you ever take candies or goodies that taste like grass, or taste different than usual, throw it out. Don’t risk eating something bad. This is important kids.

    Cathy: I sure will!

    Dave: And now… it’s time for “PREVENNNNTION”. There are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t eat edibles by mistake. First, never, EVER take candy, chocolate or any snacks from someone you don’t know. This is really important. It could be okay, but do not take any chances with your food. Second, if you find candies or snacks on the floor, or anywhere else at all, and they’re not yours, do not eat them! Third, the packaging of edibles can look almost the same as the actual candy. If you’re unsure, have it checked by your parents or an adult you trust.

    Cathy: Woah, I learned a lot today. I will also tell my friends not to take candies that are not theirs.

    Dave: That’s a really good idea Cathy! So, remember kids. Edibles are very dangerous for children. So if you eat any sweets or snacks, make sure you always know where they come from. Good job today, kids! I hope you understand edibles better. And don’t forget.

    Dave and Cathy: Live a drug-free life!

    SUPE: Hey, everyone! I am back! You did such a great job! I hope you learned a lot. And don’t forget to complete the test below. You’re on your way to becoming SUPErstars! [Laughs]


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