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    Last Updated: November 3, 2023

    SUPE: Hey guys! This is SUPE, the gentle dragon, and welcome to another education and prevention story. Do you guys know what a drug is? You’re in for a surprise! [Laughs] I’ll leave you with Dave and Cathy, who will help you learn everything about it.

    Dave: Hey Cathy, do you know anything about drugs?

    Cathy: Yes, my mom told me that drugs are dangerous.

    Dave: Yes! That can sometimes be true, but there is SO much more to drugs. Are you ready to learn?

    Cathy: Yes! I love learning new things!

    Dave: First, let me tell you what a drug is. Drugs are things that people can take that change the way their bodies work. Some are medicines that help people when their bodies aren’t working right. They’re usually given by a doctor. But many drugs have no medical use or benefits.

    Cathy: Why would people take drugs that have no benefits?

    Dave: Good question, Cathy. I’ll get to that in a bit. Drugs can be taken by swallowing, inhaling (that’s when you breathe it in), or injecting (with a needle). Drugs can help a part of the body that’s not working well, help with an illness, make it so you can’t feel pain, change your behaviors, or make it so you can’t feel emotions. That said, I want to talk to you about drugs that are not good for you.

    Cathy: I am ready!

    Dave: Alright! Let’s get into it. Some people sell drugs that change the way someone acts or thinks. Some of these drugs can even make the person see or hear things that are not there. We call this a hallucination. These drugs are illegal, meaning you can go to prison if you sell them or have them with you.

    Cathy: Wow! But why would people take them then?

    Dave: There are lots of reasons why people take these drugs. Here’s a few. They might think it can solve their problems; they don’t want to feel negative emotions; they want to do like their friends; they feel they can’t have fun without it; they want to rebel, or they might want them to relax. And there are many more.

    Cathy: Wow! that’s a lot of reasons!

    Dave: Yeah, it is! But, you know what the problem is with all of these? It’s that drugs are a temporary solution, meaning it only works for a small period of time. Let me show you an example. Let’s say Joe has problems with his wife, and that makes him stressed and angry. One day, a friend of Joe’s gives him an illegal drug. Joe feels like a new man at that moment. He feels relaxed and forgets about his family problems. But the next day, the effects of the drug are gone, and the problems with his wife are back, worse than before because he didn’t do anything to make it better. Later on, Joe buys more illegal drugs because he wants to have the same feeling, like all his problems are gone. And his problems get worse and worse like this.

    Cathy: God! That sounds horrible!

    Dave: It is Cathy. The worst part is when Joe starts taking the drug every day. His life can start to become so bad that he eventually loses everything in it.

    Cathy: Woah! That’s really bad!

    Dave: You’re right Cathy. Now, can you tell me if alcohol is a drug?

    Cathy: From what you said, it is. I remember my uncle drinking a lot and he was acting strange and looked sick the next morning.

    Dave: Right on Cathy. Alcohol is a drug. When you take too much, it changes the way to think and the way you see things, and you make bad decisions. It’s okay for adults to drink alcohol, but not too much.

    Dave: Remember drugs and alcohol are a big no no for kids.

    Cathy: I won’t take any, that’s for sure!

    Dave: That’s amazing. And now… it’s time for “PREVENNNNTION!”

    Cathy: Yes! That’s my favorite part!

    Dave: For this segment of prevention, we’ll play a game of “Yes or No”. Ready guys? Would you take a drug not given by a doctor?

    Cathy: Nooo!

    Dave: Very good! Is alcohol a drug?

    Cathy: Yes!

    Dave: Fantastic! Can drugs fix your problems for you?

    Cathy: Nooooo!

    Dave: Right on, Cathy! Now, repeat after me. “I do not take any drugs unless it is given by a doctor.”

    Cathy: I do not take any drugs unless it is given by a doctor.

    Dave: Good job everyone! You’ve been amazing today. I’ll see you next time, until then…

    Dave & Cathy: Live a drug-free life!

    SUPE: Hey, everyone! I am back! You did such a great job! I hope you learned a lot. And don’t forget to complete the test below. You’re on your way to becoming SUPErstars! [Laughs]


Test Your Knowledge on Drugs

  • | What is a drug?
      Get Answer Here — 0:48  
  • | Can you go to prison selling or using illegal drugs?
      Get Answer Here — 1:39  
  • | Why would people take drugs that are illegal?
      Get Answer Here — 2:01  
  • | Is alcohol a drug?
      Get Answer Here — 3:42  
  • | Can drugs fix your problems?
      Get Answer Here — 4:54  

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