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Tennessee Drug & Alcohol Short Term Programs

In the state of Tennessee, there are just over twenty five different locations offering short term residential treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  Many of these centers are located in Knoxville, but can also be found in many other cities across the state.

The right kind of help can normally be found for any kind of addiction that a person may be going through.  Drug and alcohol addiction can impact a person’s life in many different ways, but either way help must be gotten to save the persons life.

Did you know this about short term drug treatment programs?

Short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are usually associated with 28 day programs. This is not always the case, some short term programs will only last a couple weeks, but do have aftercare programs set up to help maintain sobriety.


Throughout the state of Tennessee, there are some 28-day drugs and alcohol treatment programs available to addicts battling different forms of addiction.  These live in facilities will help an addict for a period of 28 days and typically no longer as these programs are considered short-term treatment.  Do not let the term short-term treatment convince you that the program will not be successful.  Many addicts see long-term success and life-long success after attending a 28-day treatment center.  Many of these addicts also continue with their treatment after a 28-day program by going to meetings, or even staying at a sober living house.

Short-Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Tennessee

Despite the fact that the state of Tennessee is not very large, there is a great deal of substance abuse treatment resources available for addicts and the subsequent support for their families and loved ones. The SAMHSA website directory does offer a list consisting of 44 short-term drug treatment programs, which operate within the state. 

Will all patients in a rehabilitation program receive the same treatment as other patients?

Patients within short-term drug treatment centers will receive similar methods to help their addiction, but most facilities do provide specialized forms of treatment for their patients who require certain needs. The diverse methodologies of substance abuse treatment provide all addicts an opportunity to become fully rehabilitated.

Here is a list of the different Short Term programs in Tennessee. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.