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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers In the United States

Presently, in the United States, you can find well over twenty two million kids aged twelve and older that are struggling with drug addiction. The substances being abused will vary from pot to cocaine to even prescription's drugs and hallucinogens. In recent studies, the most common drug being abused is Marijuana and prescription's drugs in youth age 12 and older. This is a concern considering that 95.5% of these kids also feel no need to seek help or make any effort to do so.

Now the above may be a bit of a shocker to anyone who is seeing this for the first time. In fact, the above statistics are actually from 2008. That's six years ago. There is a very good chance that these numbers are either the same or slightly worse. With the advent of legalizing marijuana kids and adults alike find no reason to be alarmed when smoking pot and feel that it’s okay because some states have accepted it even for recreational use. In truth this is the beginning of the end, there is really no benefit to be had with any form of mind altering drug, legal or otherwise.

Due to high demand, the United States healthcare department has set up various service centers across the nation to come in aid to those families where children age 12 and older can receive help for drug abuse. The majority of these facilities are state funded and run, you can find social workers, and psychologist, and addiction counselors specialized in child addition and other professionals in the field of juvenile care. It is not normal for a 13 or 14-year-old girl or boy to suddenly become addicted to crack cocaine, or oxycodone, etc. yet every day some child is introduced to a drug, and the child will usually feel compelled to at least try it. In many cases, the dealers will even offer free samples or peers will engage another to try it with them for free. The initial high is very desirable and engaging as the euphoria and altered perceptions occur.

How can I make my teenage son or daughter go to an adolescent drug and alcohol rehabilitation program?

Usually the best course of action here is to, first have a talk with them and making sure they know you love them, but you do not like what they are doing. Through talking to them, you can find their ruin, something that they do not want to lose, and this is how you can convince them to get help. Many teens will refuse help and will not want to miss out on his or her life, if it comes to that point where nothing, you are saying is working, it is time to organize an intervention and set a bottom line Interventions are very successful as all of their loved ones and friends are there, and you are able to give them only two options, help or the bottom line

The question many parents want answered is how their daughter or son got involved with drugs in the first place. The answer is somewhat simple though the subject is complex; most kids of the age of 12 or 13 are entering a stage in development where they are compelled to express their independence, their self-determinism and find where they fit into this immense civilization. Many find this period very trying, and even when mom and dad try to help they find it difficult to understand the child’s behavior and attitude. This searching and confusing stage of life is when the child is at their most vulnerable. Too much advice and direction will send them off with dispersal of attention, too much discipline will simply bottle up the will to express and may simply explode. When no real solution is available, the child will seek out some form of relief. Drugs and alcohol tend to take the edge off stressful situations, ask any adult.

With the initial release of all the pressure the child will tend to use the drug or alcohol as the only means to overcome the hard times in life at this early age. In other cases the family itself is the reason for child addiction, dad is an addict or mom is an alcoholic. In any of the scenarios above drugs and alcohol will damage a child’s chance at a successful future.

Any child suffering from some form of addiction to illicit drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol, the parents should consult a professional substance abuse counselor that is also a professional in juvenile behaviour. Try to discourage treatments that simply adds more drugs to the child who is only attempting to understand where his or her place is in this world. Find treatment counselors that are caring, understanding, and above all willing to let the child express himself or herself without the use of some pharmaceutical agent. Finally the best treatment is prevention, talk to your kids about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol before they get introduced.