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Medicaid Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers In Utah

State funded Medicaid health insurance is currently accepted at just over 40 different drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the state of Utah.

Medicaid health insurance is available to anyone in the state of Utah who lives there, and there are some eligibility requirements with applying for Medicaid. People and families who apply for Medicaid and are eligible can use the health insurance to help pay for drug and alcohol treatment. Often those who have Medicaid are in a low-income bracket, are persons with a disability, are the elderly, or are women who are pregnant. Medicaid health insurance can pay for inpatient drug rehab in Utah or different types of outpatient services. Not every type of substance abuse treatment program in Utah will be able to take Medicaid, and people wanting help through their Medicaid coverage can contact the Utah Medicaid office or their local mental health branch to find out which facilities accept the insurance. Drug and alcohol addiction in the state of Utah is a problem that many people struggle with and accessing the right type of drug treatment can be hard at times. Besides an addict’s willingness to get help, financial constraints prevent many families from getting help, but Medicaid can ensure they are covered.

The listing below contains facilities that take Medicaid as a payment in Utah. It can be incomplete so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.