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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatments For Military In Utah

Within the state of Utah, there are many different treatment options available to addicts who are current military service members, and this treatment is also available to veterans.  These programs exist as government-funded treatment centers and as privately run treatment centers.  Most government-funded treatment centers come at low-cost or no cost and are covered by military insurance and other forms of health insurance the addict or family may have.  Typically, the best option for severe addictions is long-term treatment facilities, where the addict will live during his or her treatment.   These long-term treatment centers are normally two to six months long, whereas a short term center is normally two weeks to thirty days long.  The military provides different services as well, such as support groups for families, and counseling services, which can provide treatment services for addiction.

At one point in time, there was a certain stigma attached to being an addict in the military, but many changes have been made, and treatment is more readily available for addicts in need.  Counseling services are especially for active-duty members and service members who have been through high-stress situations during their career.  Different forms of stress are experienced by members of the military, if these stressors are not addressed during their career, they can be bottled up and just become bigger problems to deal with down the road.

Below you can find a listing of different drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs for military personnel in Utah. The list can be incomplete so if you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.