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Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatments Covered By Beacon Health Options Insurance (previously known as Value Options) In D.C.

In Washington, D.C are a couple of different drug and alcohol rehab programs and facilities that will be able to accept Beacon Health Options Insurance (previously known as Value Options). Beacon Health Options is large health insurance and benefit package provider for many Americans working at large organizations and companies. Through some of these benefit packages, people can have drug and alcohol treatment centers covered if they are in need of the services. Programs in Washington, D.C. include outpatient and residential drug rehab programs for men and women. The Phoenix House can offer specific programs for men, and also addicts who may be caught up in the criminal-justice system. Drug and alcohol addiction if not treated right away will lead an addict down a very difficult path that can be hard to get away from. It is important that family and friends intervene to help their loved one understand the importance of getting help and becoming sober.