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Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program In Vermont

Although drug abuse in Vermont is not as high as it is in other parts of the United States, it is still important that the drug addicts who call Vermont home get the treatment that they need. If a person has health insurance, they might find that they have a policy that will cover the expenses of their rehabilitation. The most commonly used drug in Vermont is marijuana.

Most of the residential drug treatment facilities in Vermont are set up so that the counselors who are dealing with an addict will try to help them avoid future financial, family, and legal problems associated with drug abuse. This means that in addition to helping the addict move past their addiction, the program also helps provide the addict with the skills they need to rectify the mistakes they made while they were using.

Did you know this about long-term drug rehab in the US?

Long term treatment centers have a higher success rate over outpatient and short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These programs work well for long term users and addicts whom may have been through other forms of substance abuse treatment.

The best type of drug rehab program is a long term residential program. These programs take the addict from their environment and limit their contact with the outside world. The programs can last for several months and the only thing that the addict has to do is give their body time to learn that it does not need drugs to survive. While this is happening the individual will also be participate in months of very intense counseling sessions that will explore ways that they can avoid future drug use, why they became addicted to the drug in the first place, and what life change they need to make to ensure that they never start using again.

Vermont also has several short term residential programs that are very similar to the long term programs but which only last for a short period of time. Most short term programs are only a month long, and should be followed by a rigorous outpatient program which will provide the addict with more counseling and support.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Vermont

Within the state of Vermont, there are just over five different drug and or alcohol rehabilitation centers and facilities that will offer a 90-day substance abuse program. Even if an addict is not 100% desirous to go to treatment, that is ok, as it only takes a bit of willingness to make things go right. It is not until the addict starts to see changes in his or her life that they become more willing to accept help and work the program that they are attending.


How do Families Handle Relapses?

It can be tough for a family to witness their loved one go through a relapse, especially if the family had invested a great deal of money in treatment. The best course of action is to remain supportive and offer help; this is hard for both sides, but if an addict is willing and wanting to get help, it is best to continue to support them.

Specialized Drug Treatment Options within Vermont

Within the state of Vermont are some specialized forms of drug and alcohol treatment within the inpatient long-term programs offered. This can include age and gender-specific services, faith-based programs, and facilities that are capable of treating co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders.

What is the Effectiveness of Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab can be very successful for addicts, as it can provide a lengthier program, which will allow more in-depth treatment for an addiction. Services in the inpatient long-term programs are designed to help treat every type of addiction and substance abuse problem. This will ensure that every addict does have a chance to get better and move through his or her life.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Vermont

In the state of Vermont are over five different inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, which do provide long-term care for 60 to 120-days or more for their clients. During that time, a client can work on their underlying issues, and address the reasons why they started to abuse drugs. Furthermore, be given tools and new skills to maintain their sobriety while they transition back into their environment.

Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Vermont. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Vermont