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Long-term Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program In Virginia

Virginia is no stranger to drug-related crimes. Virginia happens to be a favorite starting point for shipping drugs to the other areas of the United States. Not only can Virginia be accessed via the Atlantic Ocean, but it also has a very excellent highway system that makes hauling the drugs to the interior of the country easy. The fact that the state also happens to be close to several different huge metropolitan areas is an added bonus.

The drugs are not just traveling through Virginia. Some of them are staying in the state, and the residents are getting addicted to them. The most common type of drug addiction in Virginia is to cocaine.

It is easy for the state to think that it is handling the drug addictions by rigidly enforcing the laws about drug use is enough. This is not the case. Many of the state residents who are addicted to drugs are not the ones breaking laws. While an addiction to cocaine will take a toll on the person, not all of them are criminals by nature, and not everyone gets caught.

Did you know this about long-term drug rehab in the US?

Long term treatment centers have a higher success rate over outpatient and short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These programs work well for long term users and addicts whom may have been through other forms of substance abuse treatment.

It is important that everyone in the state of Virginia understands that when they decide to get help for their addiction that it is possible. The state has several different drug rehabilitation programs, and most of them are residential. When a cocaine addict makes the decision to get help for their addiction, they cannot assume that the outpatient program is going to be enough. Outpatient programs are convenient, but they are usually the most effective after the individual completes a stint in one of Virginia's residential programs. The residential programs in Virginia are designed to help the addict accept and deal with the physical and psychological effects of giving up drugs in favor of a clean life. 

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Virginia

All throughout the state of West Virginia there are just over 12 different drug and alcohol treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers that do provide a drug and or alcohol treatment program that will be a 90 day residential stay in the facility. When contacting different centers it is important to ask what various forms of treatment are used to help addicts, and what kind of success rates are documented with that particular center. Success is not always going to be guaranteed; it will come down to the addict working the program and wanting to get something out of it to help them.


What are the Dangers with a Drug Withdrawal?

Some of the dangers with drug withdrawals are different drugs will require a different process. Some drugs may require a medical detox, or some form of a medically supervised withdrawal program. Some drugs are so physically addictive that they will pose a greater health risk if not withdrawn off of properly.

Detox and Treatment within Inpatient Rehab Centers

Some of the inpatient drug treatment centers in the state of Virginia will be capable of providing detox on-site for their clients. This will allow a patient to make an easy transition into a drug rehab center. Detox will allow an addict to go through a controlled withdrawal, which is an essential step in the rehabilitation process.

How do Addicts Locate Drug Rehab Centers?

One of the best methods to locate local drug and alcohol treatment programs offering inpatient care is through an addiction's assessment. This is done with an addiction's counselor who has access to various resources in the area to help them find the most suitable treatment for their clients.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Virginia

With just over 15 different drug and alcohol rehab centers providing long-term inpatient care, clients can attend programs that will offer services lasting from 60 to 120-days or more. These long-term options can be better than an outpatient program for an addict who is struggling with a severe addiction and is battling staying sober for more than a couple of days.

Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Virginia. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Virginia