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Created On Monday, 28, July 2014
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Virginia Short-Term Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox & Rehab Centers & Treatment

Most of the short term residential treatment centers can be found in the city of Arlington, but they're over ten different facilities available that provide short term inpatient care. With drug abuse causing more harm than good, it is always imperative that a person finds the right kind of help.

Drug addiction can be overcome, and a person can save his or her life, getting everything back that they once had. Help is available in the state, and sobriety can be achieved.

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Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Virginia

During the drug treatment process through a short-term rehab center in Virginia, an addict should be learning about addiction. This can involve many different things, but when you have a better understanding of addiction, it can make it easier to maintain your sobriety. Drug addiction will be a different and unique experience for each person, and there are always different factors leading to one's addiction. To achieve long-term sobriety, it is essential to understand what may have started the drug problem in the first place. During counseling and therapy at a short-term program, this will be the underlying issues and reasons why you started to abuse drugs and alcohol. When you start to look at these problems for what they are, it will create a healthier mind for that addict, and allow them to feel less angry about the situation they have put themselves in. Short-term drug treatment can help you learn about the realities of addiction and the damaging effects caused by drugs and alcohol. This can include understanding what the short-term and long-term effects of drug abuse really are. Short-term drug treatment can also help you repair the damage and start to implement healthy habits and routines back within your life again.

This may not be an easy process to start but is essential when looking at the bigger picture with treatment. Short-term rehab centers, despite being a shorter treatment period, can still use effective counseling techniques to handle the problems at the core. You can still be given every opportunity to learn new life skills and abilities to maintain your sobriety in life. Anyone struggling with a drug addiction in Virginia should be reaching out for help at one of the short-term drug rehab centers within the state. Unfortunately, substance abuse does impact the various counties in the state, some more than others. Dickenson County has a population of over 15,300 people, and between 2012 and 2016, there were 41 drug-related deaths. When you look at the annual drug deaths per 100,000 residents during this time, it was around 51, which was three times more than the state average. Most of the drug overdose deaths can be prevented with early intervention. This is the process of intervening early when you start to notice the signs of addiction. When family or friends start to notice that a loved one is depicting early signs of addiction, this will be the time to intervene and help them get into treatment.


A 28-day drug and alcohol rehab center will help an addict for a period of 28 days, sometimes longer depending on the circumstances. These are considered short term programs and handle many different forms of addiction. Drug addiction can impact people in many different ways, and some addicts will require a long term treatment facility to help their addiction. But for most addicts, a 28-day program is an excellent place to start in handling an addiction, and an addict can see some very solid success when they apply for the program properly.

Drug and Alcohol Short-Term Treatment Centers within Virginia

The Virginia short-term centers will provide a variety of services, and families should be capable of locating suitable substance abuse treatment for all types of addiction.

How does visitation work within a short-term drug rehab center?

Each short-term drug rehabilitation center does offer different visitation policies, but typically family is usually always allowed to visit on particular days, and each center ensures their patients stay in close contact with family and friends. Support from loved ones is essential within the rehabilitation process, and it does help the patient through their treatment process.