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Washington DC Partial Hospitalization Programs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Partial hospitalization programs are also often a viable step-down service for addicts who have already completed an inpatient drug rehab center and wish to continue with more support and daily medical monitoring. Partial hospitalization programs offer a higher level of care than a standard outpatient center, and the medical monitoring is daily, but the patient will be not staying at the facility during the course of his or her treatment. Partial hospitalization programs in Washington D.C. are outpatient centers and can help addicts who are struggling medically or those who are suffering from severe mental illness and addiction. The cost of these types of services will depend on the length of stay, and the length of stay can be anywhere from three to five days, but this is determined case by case. Partial hospitalization programs in Washington D.C. are excellent options for people who do not require 24-hour supervision, but rather daily help, or continued support after a residential drug rehab center.