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What Are Ways to Recognize a Drinking Problem?

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a common problem all throughout the United States, and it may be tough at times for loved ones to recognize the problem. The average alcoholic will have trouble admitting there is an issue. Alcohol abuse can affect adults, adolescents, and children, and it is important to know the signs of alcohol addiction or dependency. Drinking problems will often come with unusual changes in the mood, such as irritability, defensive words or actions, or a sudden flare of temper. Loved ones can look for bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, stumbling, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating.

Adolescents who have a drinking problem will often suddenly switch their group of friends and may become rebellious against family rules, social conventions, and school. Adolescents who are struggling with a drinking problem will also have low grades, attendance, and problems with being late. A heavy drinker or someone with a drinking problem will tend to develop a sloppy appearance or stop caring about grooming, and personal hygiene. The obvious way to recognize a drinking problem is always smelling alcohol off a person. If someone notices one single warning sign, this may not be cause for alarm. However, when more than one warning sign is starting to appear regularly, this will be the time to speak to an addiction's specialist and seek out help.

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