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Christian Rehabs by State

Christian Rehabs by State

What Are Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers?

Many faith-based treatment programs are non-denominational Christ-focused programs, which means someone from any Christian denomination can attend. If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, and have strong faith, one of these programs can be beneficial. These types of programs are designed to help a patient establish or restore their faith and relationship with God while treating the addiction. Typically, a Christian treatment program utilizes clinical therapies along with faith-based ideas within the program. Christian rehabilitation programs operate throughout the United States and can either be inpatient or outpatient facilities. Most faith-based programs approach treatment from a spiritual and clinical perspective. Programs are often designed to meet the client’s needs, and some facilities may tailor the program for each client.

According to a Pew Research Study in 2015, over 75% of Americans identified as being religious. A faith-based drug rehabilitation program helps a client connect with their higher power, and makes it part of the clinical treatment. Along with the counseling staff, there are often spiritual advisors or even pastors. Various treatment methodologies are used to help each client, which is incorporated with the spiritual aspect. In 2018, a study done by Baylor University outlined how an attachment to God and religion was linked to better well-being in life. Older individuals who have a relationship with God had an increased optimism over time and experienced higher self-esteem, along with seeing gains in their overall well-being. Treating addiction spiritually, physically, and psychologically has proven effective, but may not be for everyone.

What is important is finding help, and attending a program you feel comfortable with. There are thousands of treatment centers throughout the nation. It is not uncommon for addicts who have no religious ideology to attend a faith-based program. They may have been through other types of treatment, and are willing to incorporate spirituality into his or her treatment. The focus should be on overcoming the addiction. Many addicts have made more than one attempt at treatment, without seeing good results. Spiritual, psychological, and physical rehabilitation is more well-rounded, and whether it is an inpatient or outpatient center, the treatment approach will help. Addiction becomes a continuous cycle. Addicts become caught up this for years, and some never find a way out. If you have the opportunity to get help, it is essential you do so. Addictions become worse the longer you go without treatment and rehabilitation.