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What Are the Different Kinds of Rehab Treatment Options Available?

Various treatments for drug rehabilitation in various drug rehabilitation centers of United States are available. Addiction is different in every individual due to the type of drug used or may be the duration of addiction, and each demands other kind of treatment. Some demand all day care, whereas others demand for lesser attention.

Being sure in choosing the right treatment is important to make your loved ones get out of the drug addiction. You can choose any one of the below mentioned treatments

  • Inpatient care - This kind of treatment occurs within a residential facility and is guided by medical professionals, both in private and public centers.
  • Outpatient care - If a patient is responding positively to an inpatient care then they are allowed to stay in their own homes and have to visit regularly for the therapy.
  • Community support groups - Community support groups are formed for addicts and there purpose is to inculcate responsibility feeling towards family and community in the addict. They also make sure to protect the addicts from the danger of relapsing.
  • Retreats and various types of care - Retreats are generally managed under religious groups in helping to treat people get rid of their addictions. Religious bodies like Churches also offer counseling sessions for drug abuse victims. See More FAQ on Rehabilitation Options


Did you know this about drug and alcohol addiction in the United States?

In 2014, 21.5 million Americans (aged 12 and above) have struggled with substance abuse. Out of those, one out of every eight have dealt with both alcohol and drug abuse at the same time.