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Prescription Drugs Rehabs & Detox by State

Prescription Drugs Rehabs & Detox by State

What Are the Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction?

Many different symptoms are attached to abusing prescription drugs.  Most who abuse them will take large dosages than prescribed.  Or they will use them for other reasons than what they were prescribed for.  Doctors often notice these patterns and will intervene, but many addicts become creative with how they get these drugs.  You will start to notice behavioral changes such as with the personality.  Most prescription drug users eventually become distant and withdrawn.  However, many people who abuse these drugs function.  They manage to hold down a job, maintain family responsibilities, and pay bills. 

This does not often last long, but the severity of any addiction is different for each person.  Much of it does have to do with the drugs they are abusing.  Some cause more severe psychological and physical effects than others.  The early warning signs are going through the prescription quickly, mood changes, and making an effort to always have the drugs available.  Each category of prescription drug does create various symptoms as well.  Opioids will cause constipation, nausea, slowed breathing, drowsiness, confusion, and poor coordination.  Long-term use causes increased sensitivity to pain. 

central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system depressants will cause drowsiness, confusion, unsteady walking, slurred speech, poor concentration, dizziness, problems with memory, and slowed breathing.  These drugs are often mixed with alcohol and stimulants, which is a dangerous combination.  Stimulants will create increased alertness, feeling a high, irregular heartbeat. Increased body temp, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and paranoia.  Stimulants are often abused with alcohol and are a dangerous mix, especially with excessive drinking. 

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