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What Is Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab?

The benefit of intensive outpatient treatment is that there are various types of programs to adjust to the needs of the client. Most clients who attend intensive outpatient treatment are still working, maintaining a family life, and other responsibilities. It would be difficult for them to temporarily give this up to attend a residential drug treatment program. Outpatient treatment is excellent for people in this situation because the treatment schedule is set to fit their needs. There are also specialized intensive outpatient programs, which provide a more intensive treatment intervention. This would be treatment methods used at an inpatient program, designed to fit into an outpatient setting. Typically, the client must commit to at least eight to ten hours of treatment per week as a minimum. There is often significantly more treatment offered, providing a more well-rounded approach.

When a client does not have a great deal of family or job responsibilities, they would commit to an intensive outpatient program. This would involve attending the programs at least three to five days per week for severe addiction. This type of outpatient care could work for someone who struggles with multiple relapses. Yet it would have to be determined they would not need 24-hour around the clock care. The same types of therapies and counseling methods are still used, but more is packed into the program. Intensive outpatient services operate all throughout the United States and are excellent options for addicts to consider.