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Where Is the Line Between Social Drugs or Alcohol Use and Addiction?

In today’s society, there is a fine line in many situations such as girlfriend or friend, bad or good, great or the best and right from wrong. The same can be said when talking about drugs and alcohol, is it social use or addiction?

In today’s culture, alcohol is used often in socializing, celebrating and even in religious ceremonies. The fact is some people can have a few drinks and never become addicted. In addition, some people can even binge Definition of the word binge drink on a certain night, then go months without touching alcohol again. However, some folks have trouble going without alcohol even for 24 hours.

The fact is determining if someone has an addiction to alcohol or drugs can be a little bit difficult. An example of this is if you only see your friend during social gatherings where there is partying going on it might be hard to know if they have an addiction. In some instances, a person might just think their friend is just partying along with everyone else.

There are people who believe that smoking marijuana on a weekend is simply using for social fun. In addition, these people believe that using pot once in a while is just a way to relax. However, it’s important that you know if you want to use alcohol or marijuana more and more every week or get cravings for it can result in crossing the fine line of social use to addiction.

The truth is if you find yourself going from having a few drinks on the weekends to needing an alcoholic beverage every day, then you’re probably crossing the fine line from socially drinking and becoming an addict. The same goes for smoking marijuana if you find yourself yearning for it more and more, then you’re also crossing that social use or addiction fine line.

There are some illegal acts that certainly put you in the category of crossing the fine line of social use to having an addiction. One is growing pot and the other is drinking while driving. In addition, allowing any minor to drink in your home or buying for minors certainly could mean that you’ve crossed the fine line, as well. The truth is you might want to be a cool parent, but contributing to a minor isn’t just illegal it’s immoral. It also sends a bad message to your kids and their friends about right from wrong.

The fact is it’s not very hard to cross that fine line of being a social user or having an addiction. If you’re drinking too often or think too much about getting your next hit, then you probably have already crossed the line.