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Wisconsin Hospital Inpatient Services for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Did you know this about hospital inpatient treatment?

Hospital inpatient treatment is offered for those whose addiction requires 24/7 care from medical staff.

Hospital inpatient services are primarily residential drug rehab programs that provide short-term care and operate out of hospitals and clinics. The primary benefit from a hospital inpatient program is the continuous medical supervision provided by doctors and nurses on staff. This is important for older addicts who have been abusing drugs for a long time, and have developed a certain type of physical health problem. Other issues such as mental-health problems can also be managed properly at a hospital inpatient program. Most of the hospital inpatient services in the state of Wisconsin can offer duel diagnosis programs and services for people who need it. Mental health issues go hand in hand with drug addiction, and many addicts are taking particular medications that will require medication management, which is part of a hospital inpatient program. Anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction in the state of Wisconsin should reach out to local treatment services for help, such as inpatient or outpatient drug rehab programs.

Partial Hospitalization Services for Drug Addiction in Wisconsin

Drug and alcohol addiction does not have to be an on-going problem for an addict, and in fact, with the right help; an addict can completely overcome his or her addiction. Partial hospitalization programs can provide a viable and successful option for an addict who is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, or a co-occurring mental-health problem. Partial hospitalization programs are intensive outpatient services and are a type of middle ground between standard residential drug rehab and outpatient drug treatment. Drug addiction can be difficult to treat, and if an addict has been using drugs for several years, they may benefit from first attending an inpatient program before they go through a partial hospitalization center. In fact, many addicts in Wisconsin who utilize partial hospitalization programs will do so because they have already completed some form of drug and alcohol treatment. In many other cases, an addict is simply unwilling to commit to inpatient drug rehab or has family obligations they cannot avoid.

Here is a list of the different hospital inpatient services offered in Wisconsin to help with chemical dependency. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of hospital inpatient services in Wisconsin